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Winning with Everyday

Looking for a no investment solution to get your hands wet in cryptocurrency? Then try a faucet.

If you are new to cryptocurrency then this article is for you. I too started out in cryptocurrency not knowing very much about what it was and how it could benefit me. But one thing I did know was that it had value but I could not define the value of it because what I knew concerning value was that I had to be able to spend it and not just HODL. That was in 2014. However, today in 2021 my understanding of cryptocurrency has been advanced significantly, however, the technology around cryptocurrency is also exploding exponentially, so yet again I find my mind is reeling just trying to catch up with all of the various derivatives of blockchain technology that is emerging simultaneously. It seems like everyday there is new technology or some new form of it along with new jargon like DEX and DAPP and DEFI. It is just incredible!

So I can only imagine how it must feel to be now discovering cryptocurrencies in 2021. There are about 4000 currencies right now as at June 10th 2021 and I am sure there are more being developed as I type. How will the newbie ever deal with all of this information about all these different currencies that offer all of these new and different services. It must be so surreal


The Basics

When starting out with any project it is best to start with the basics. Get a basic understanding and experience of what the subject area is about and then begin to add layers as you increase in knowledge. So where are we going to get that basic understanding? We are going back to Bitcoin the orginator of all subsequent cryptocurrencies. This is where you want to start. In addition, you don't just want to read about you want to experience it. So you will want to have some cryptocurrency to put into your cryptocurrency wallet and you will want to experience this without having to invest in it.


Bitcoin and the concept of its blockchain were first introduced in the fall of 2008 as a whitepaper and later released as open-source software in 2009. The author who first introduced Bitcoin in that 2008 whitepaper is an anonymous programmer or cohort working under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nakamoto collaborated with many other open-source developers on Bitcoin until 2010. This individual or group has since stopped its involvement in the project and transferred control to prominent Bitcoin core developers. There have been many claims and theories concerning the identity of Nakamoto, but none of them have been confirmed as of this writing.

Regardless, what Nakamoto created is an extraordinary peer-to-peer payment system that enables users to send Bitcoin, the value transfer token, directly and without an intermediary to hold the two parties accountable. The network itself acts as the intermediary by verifying the transactions and assuring that no one tries to cheat the system by spending Bitcoins twice.

Nakamoto’s goal was to close the large hole in digital trust, and the concept of the blockchain was his answer. It solves the Byzantine general’s problem, which is the ultimate human problem, especially online: How do you trust the information you are given and the people who are giving you that information, when self-interest, malicious third parties, and the like can deceive you? Many Bitcoin enthusiasts feel that blockchain technology is the missing piece that will allow societies to operate entirely online because it reframes trust by recording relevant information in a public space that cannot be removed and can always be referenced making deception more difficult.


A Faucet

One of the best places to obtain cryptocurrency is from a faucet. A few years ago there were plenty of them, but not so much now. However, there are still some reputable faucets that still exist where you can obtain cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. and more of the older cryptocurrencies like Zcash, Dash, DOGE and Ethereum.. If you want to earn some bitcoin then you can definitely check out: Freebitcoin a faucet that allows you to claim a small bit of bitcoin every hour for free and also gives you daily opportunity to win even more bitcoin up to US15,000.00. If you want to earn DOGE, ZCASH and FLARE then check out Pipe Flare.


In the recent past we all use to speak about a bitcoin wallet because bitcoin was the only popular cryptocurrency, however, today we say cryptowallet because there are now so many cryptocurrencies. Some experts may also say multi wallet because some wallets hold more than one type of cryptocurrency. It is almost the same way like how you walk around with Canadian and US paper dollars in your billfold but just in a digital form.

The Multiplier

For you who are risk lovers and have some bitcoin that you can lose without feeling it in your finances then you can try using the multiplier to make up to about four times what you invest. However, please note that great reward has great risk! So please don't invest more than you can afford to lose. However, once you understand the risk, this is a great opportunity to earn 1200 satoshi within 3-5 minutes using my proven strategy. My strategy involves using the Martingale code system of doubling your loss. It works well but it is not fool proof and you need to monitor it. It is ideal that you should have at least 0.0007btc or USD20.00 on your freebitco account in order to use this strategy. Now once you have deposited this amount of bitcoin to your account you can copy and paste the code that I will give you into the inspect element console. Please don't be greedy!

If you want the code please sign up here as my affiliate and send me your best email where I can send the code. Remember, that you should not use the code for more than 5 minutes at a time and you can tweak the bitcoin value as you become more comfortable using the code. The code works very quickly and this is why you must monitor it because it could just as easily lose all your winnings.

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