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Why You should Invest in the Helium Network

What is the Helium Network

The Helium network is pure brilliance and it is one of the most innovative and easiest business opportunities out there today, tomorrow and the future! Right now the technological world has exploded and anyone and everyone can benefit because of the Internet of Things. Let me just say that at the current moment there is a high demand to be on the helium network because of course there is an incentive to be on the network. Once you have wifi at home, work or school and visibility to the outdoors you can plug and play your hotspot and contribute to the people's network whilst earning a daily income.

What is the cost of investment in the Helium Network

Initiatially, Helium used a revenue share model that was just stellar. Helium would ship to you a hotspot free of charge and you would set it up at home and then they would share a portion of the earnings generated by your hotspot, The percentage was roughly 20% to 30% of monthly earnings. Some people may say that is low but when you understand that you are receiving income and not investing your own money, that is par excellence! However, Helium wanted to focus more on their core activities of blockchain and the Helium network development so they invited distributors like linxdot, and Nebra to take over the manufacture and distribution of the hotspot miners. This has been successful except for the challenges presented by COVID19 but everyone is being resilient. So now you can buy your own hotspot and earn 100% of earnings and check this, you have two models to choose from; the indoor and outdoor models. The cost of the indoor model is around 350 USD and the outdoor model is around 450 USD. I recommend, if you can afford it, to buy at least two hotspots and I will show you why just in a minute.

The Helium Network

The Helium Network is a communications network for IOT devices like sensors, therefore you need coverage from one hotspot to the next and so on. Below is visual of hotspots in people's homes and businesses. Notice the green hotspots don’t have other hotspot as close to them as the orange and red ones. Red is the worst; they’re basically on top of each other and providing duplicate (or triplicate or worse) coverage, which isn’t useful to the network.

How Much Can I Earn with my Hotspot

This is a very relevant and popular question! After all you have just paid out about 800.00 USD and you want to be able to recoup your capital cost and start earning purely profit. Now let me say that operational costs are low as the Nebra hotspot only uses about 5watts of power, so less than your internet router and may be the same as about a light bulb so your utility bill won't notice it. You will still be able to watch Netflix as it will probably only utilise about 25MB if that much as it communicates with the internet and other hotspots. Now that being said, earnings are affected by:

  • HOTSPOT DENSITY - You should at least be 300 metres away from the next hotspot

  • ANTENNA “VIEW” - Should have proper line of sight, no trees or walls shading the antenna

  • APPROPRIATE ANTENNA - 2-5.8 dbi antennas are best, these usually come within the package. If you use a more powerful antenna like 9 dbi then you will need to mount it on the roof or higher.

  • MINIMIZED & HIGH QUALITY CONNECTION LENGTH/CABLES - Use high quality cables and keep the antenna to hotspot connection cable the shortest. there could be degredation of radio signal if the cable is too thin and if it is too long.

So essentially, if you have covered the above bases then the following earning potential is possible with:

Two Hotspots:

Four Hotspots:

The Future

The future looks bright for the IOT and the Helium network expect to see the technology developing fast and changing to more efficient processes. For example expect to see the physical hotspot moving toward a cloud based format. Currently, in beta testing phase this will see the introduction of the light hotspot what does this mean for current hotspots, nothing yet It is still some time away but one thing is for sure you will still be earning.

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