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Why You should Buy Wanda Exchange Token (WE)

What is WANDA

Wanda Group has evolved over time to emerge as one of the leading flag bearers of crypto-based business services and transactions in almost every sector of the economy in Thailand, including every product and every service. The company has already excelled in the real estate sector, while dealing with the issues of connecting Bitcoin/Crypto with the Mainstream Corporate World. The company further aims at creating awareness about the financial freedom people can achieve if they bring digital and cryptocurrency based transactions to their business. WANDA has succeeded in connecting traditional fiat money gateways with crypto to develop a unique service with the people desiring non-crypto payment options. The company has been consistently active in developing the Wanda Token, which was introduced to the market in Q3 of 2021. With their integrated POS, clients will enjoy discounts while using their WE for payments or fiat cash withdraws.


WANDA's Mission

WANDA aims at revolutionizing how people transfer payments in this globalized economy. Wanda is the leading company in Thailand in terms of offering customers the ability to make payments with crypto, it is a win-win condition for the merchants. The merchants are getting paid in their local currency and at the same time getting exposure to global business opportunities. In Wanda's Crypto/Cash Portal you will be able to choose your nearest currency exchange or hotel (with exchange license), where you can send your crypto and pick up the cash within minutes. All designed in a way to enhance your level of comfort.

WANDA's Solution

Wanda Group has come up with a solution to make it easy to transfer from FIAT to CRYPTO and viceversa with their POS system, connected to a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand. With their payment channels, merchants do not need to understand or accept crypto itself. They can be paid in local currency by bank transfer easily. Like a credit card terminal, except way faster for receiving fiat without fees for merchants. Currently their solution is mainly used in the real estate and investment sector, due to high blockchain fees. Wanda Token aims at resolving this problem. Making it possible for small volume payments in the retail and hospitality sectors. Their POS device can be connected to every partnering crypto exchange worldwide and is currently in the patent process.

Why should You Invest in WANDA Exchange Token

As a high utility token WE is aimed at revolutionizing the system for large scale payments. Making them faster, cheaper and more feasible. With the launch of WANDA's AI driven blockchain solution, WE Token is emerging as the market leader for both small and large- scale transactions, due to almost negligible blockchain fees. Which will make it one of the cheapest transaction options available. The Real-Life use case of WE token can be demonstrated from the fact that WANDA has more than 100,000+ properties for sale through bitcoin today. This is expected to increase significantly and all of these transactions will be taking place in cryptos. Both parties, the buyer and the seller, will benefit from the use of WE token. Which makes WE one of the highly relevant tokens of the future.

What is the Current Value of WE and how to Buy it

The current price of WE is $ 0.034 USD and you can purchase it directly from the WE website or GokuMarket. Using the WE Website will take you through the process using Metamask. However, I prefer the less technical way using GokuMarket. You can also stake your WE token on GokuMarket for 10% -25% APY. You can buy WE using USDT. Enjoy your.... I mean WE investment!

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