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Why I invest in different projects

It is simple really, when you are poor or come from a poor country and you look at other countries and see what their people are doing, you want to do it too.

Why Did I Start Investing?

Isn't that the question that we all consider as we go through life and realise that there must be something else we can do to get out of our depressive financial situation. Literally, it seems that we just work to pay bills. The banks don't help poor people, they just sell us more debt and we gladly take it because it is a reprieve to feel as if we are making it, but in reality we are not. We are spending more than we earn and that is how rich people survive, off the backs of the poor. You don't have to believe me but take a look at history and see what I mean. This is why I invest because I am tired being poor, I am tired being told what I should do to become financially independent by these multi million dollar companies. All they want is to feed their shareholders who feed them with their million dollars bonuses. You think this is a rant? The fact of the matter is that all of this is real and I just didn't want to be another statistic.

The thing about trying to improve your financial situation is that you are not the only person doing it. There are millions of people who are also doing it and possibly they are not made of the same moral fabric as you so they are willing to cheat and defraud their way into financial freedom and they will probably become wealthy too. That is the nature of this beast. It is filled with all types but always remember there is nothing such as a free lunch, someone is benefitting somewhere. Before Investing you have to know who you are as a person and what you are willing to do and not do for the mighty dollar or crazy crypto. Personally, I believe in God so I will only go as far as what the biblical principles say concerning the acquisition of wealth; so in my case that may not be very wealthy as I may like, but God know best.

As an Islander, I have to deal with the small island mentality and it is one of the major weaknesses of the society. They are very resistant to change or to try something new. They will beat you into the ground if you fail, they will cry scam once it is from the internet, yet they will join a blessing circle and be scammed in person and accept it as a reasonable loss. I just don't get my people sometimes, well a lot of the time. My people are traditional, brick and mortar businesses is what they know; the internet is merely for social interaction and possibly for advertising their traditional businesses. Another major downfall in my island is that if you are perceived as becoming to0 wealthy or that you have transitioned from a poor state to a wealthy state, it is literally held against you, like you don't deserve it. These are the unspoken things in my island state. It is sad really. I can hardly present any of my projects to anyone locally. Don't let me give you the wrong idea that the people in my island are not nice, they truly are, they will feed you out of their own need. However, they suffer from deep myopia.

In 2011 I invested in bitcoin and then later sold it off due to the local pressure of it being a ponzi scheme. I don't want to get into how much because it still pinches me a bit when I think about it in relation to where bitcoin is today. Anyway, I have always had an inquiring mind about improving myself beyond my day job. I am thankful for my job but it is not enough. Why is it not enough? I suppose when you see your mother at 5am every day even when she was pregnant with my baby sister, weeding in almost today darkness on a plantation, you tell yourself you have to do better for them and for yourself.

This drive to do better was more emotional that calculated and it caused me no end of distress. One of my first lessons was the nigerian gold scam. That hit me hard. Then the Revshare season was also another huge disappointment. One key lesson that I have learned is that chasing money is bad, very bad. Don't do it! Scammers know how to keep you on the hook of the scam always feeling like you can touch the riches but it is really just an illusion and when they have finished milking you then they will let you go with all the hurt and less money. Scammers are those people who are trying to get rich as well, but they choose a cowardly and immoral way to achieve wealth and in the end some of them become the slave of money and end up in sorts of vices and destruction. The bible says this; The love of money is the root of all evil. Money is not evil in itself. So I have had a learning experience on achieving wealth globally. It is a hard process and you need money to make more money and there is competition every where. Howevever, you need to keep building professional integrity as an investor and marketer, these two skilsets are required to build wealth. You must be able to transfer value to people whilst also increasing your own value. In other words don't be a commission junkie, don't just sell to provide value to yourself. I am not sure if people know this but the more you give the more will be given back to you.

My Investment Experience so Far

My investment journey has been up and down and sometimes I still get upset with seemingly wanting to get involved in everything I see but I know that would just be disaster. Additionally, as the network marketers say, the list is your bread and butter. If you don't have people who want your product or service or you can't place your offering in front of the right eyes you are dead in the water. It takes time to build and online reputation and then you have to advertise your opportunity to the right demographic of people who are willing to spend money in exchange for your opportunity. That is why it is important to ensure that the value you are selling also offers satisfaction to the buyer and places him or her in a better place than they were before.

So far I have been mainly invested either in technology or finance type business and I will list them below:

  1. HODLING crypto on Atomic Wallet, Binance and Goku Market. These three have definitely increased my portfolio through coin value increases and staking.

  2. I purchased the AVADO blockchain computer from Switzerland. it took a month to be delivered via UPS to Barbados. It is used for staking and decentralised applications like Mysterium which pays 5-8 MYST per month for my region. The USA, CANADA, NORWAY and larger countries make like 50 - 100 MYST per month which is currently 100 US dollars or more. This is futuristic technology and just for plugging in your avado box and activating the Mysterium App you earn passive income.

  3. I purchase two indoor Nebra Hotspots from Nebra Ltd from England, yet to be delivered because of the semi conductor shortage and demand exceeding supply. I purchased my hotspots on April 22nd 2021 and I am still waiting. Wanted to cancel my order but I really need to see this through and be able to earn Helium. I will be the only person in Barbados with hotspots.

  4. REVOFI Network computers very similar to the Nebra Hotsport but just a whole lot more is a solid business and also can be made into additional business. I am waiting to get mine in Barbados.

  5. I invested 210.00 in TRX in Elevate Pass even though it is a new business but I like the CEO's vision and every week I get paid. How long do I think that this business will last. To be honest it is a new advertising company trying to break into a competitive market it has close to 7K members. It pays up to 3% loyalty bonus every week based on profits the company makes from trading its capital and the money with which you bought your advertising packages. So far so good. Longevity will be possible once the company continues to use good risk management.

  6. I invested 300 USD in Omega Pro which offers 300% over 16 months. I am not fully sure about this one but I still went in because of a friend from a neighbouring island of Trinidad said it was as "legitimate" as could be. You know how we leverage the word legitimate to suit our investment needs. (LOL) (SMH) However, it is still working and I am ok with that. If I get out then great. If not well cut the losses.

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