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How much Money is too Much in your 20s

Money makes the world spin. Money makes your house warm and makes enemies your friend. Money covers your feet and feeds your belly. Money gives freedom and forces respect. Money gives you life with a knife on your neck

Money also puts you in prison. Money keeps you shackled for life. It keeps you confined to a daily job and monotony. It makes you scared to leave and terrified to die. It broadens your horizons while confining you to the desk and watering hole. If you love money it makes you scornful and petty. It makes you selfish. cheap and cold.

Money is the only thing that can give you freedom whilst taking it away. It turns men blind, thinking it gives them sight. It destroys relationships and kills families like a murderer in the night. It’s a necessity we live with only to make it the singular thing worth living for.

The love of money is the root of all evil, The doer of all good and the way that we measure our success. We secure it in boxes and show it off in the form of new designer wear and Bentley Phantoms.

We buy watches and wallets to hold our money. We go to school to learn how to make money to take more from you, to add more to me.

Money is an acquaintance with which you should only give a passing glance. It’s not your BFF nor your family. It’s a stranger you have to work with. It’s that random woman on the corner who yells at you to pay her attention, leaving you empty filled with desertion.

Money should be a friendly thing that helps you live, to give you the freedom you can’t get without it. It should be appreciated but never worshipped. You should be able to let it go as easily as you take it.

It should be used to help you fulfill your dreams or just satisfy your needs. You should learn to struggle with it and strive with it. You should never let it make your bleed.

It’s the small part of your life that forces you to follow the crowd, to do what you don’t feel like doing, just so you can be alone with a new tablet and cell phone.

Your life is for living, not for saving every cent. It’s for enjoying the fruits of your labor and not dying old and bent. Life isn’t about bank statements and fortunes, but about memories and daily struggles that will make you the good person that you are. Money doesn't make you a star.

In your twenties, it’s not about fancy clothes and dinners. It's about roughing it to get to school and paying the mortgage. We’re not supposed to be making a lot of money because we don’t need a lot. We just need the right amount to make the cut.

In case you’re still not sure, here’s how much money you should be making:

You should be making enough money to buy your own groceries, to think that basic food is way too expensive and bread and butter will go the furthest for your pay.

You should be making enough to have your own place.

You should be making enough to eat, but never feeling full.

You should be making enough to go out once a month so you won't be mundane or dull

You should be making enough to place offering at church.

You should be making enough to never feel poor..

You should be making enough to have a bed but not side tables.

You should be making enough to sleep on sheets but never on Egyptian cotton

You should be making enough to go to restaurants, but not every week.

You should be making enough to feel like you can do anything, but know it’s not worth it.

You should be making enough to be able to travel the world.

You should be making enough to buy tea in the morning but make it at home.

You should be making enough to go shopping but only buy for others.

You should be making enough to go to the movies, but only if you want to leave the house

You should be making enough to travel on planes but never in first class

You should be making enough to eat lobster, but really should fast.

You should be making enough to buy a car, but only because you need to get from point A to point B

You should be making enough to be free, but know money is the master you chose it to be.

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