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Unboxing my Avado i7 Blockchain Computer

I purchased my Avado Block Chain computer from AVADO based in Switzerland on June 12th 2021 and received it in my hands on July 30th 2021. It actually arrived in Barbados on July 12th at the time UPS said it would arrive but the Customs Department had it held up for 18 days I don't need to tell you about the frustration. I think the people at UPS were tired of me calling. Anyway I went to collect my Avado i7 blockchain computer, I didn't want to wait another day for delivery . I was stoked.

Unboxing the Avado

The avado came in two boxes. The packing box and then its own package. Avado used a copy of the bitcoin whitepaper to help keep my computer safe during shipping. That was thoughtful of them. Additionally, they included brackets and screws for if you want to have your Avado stnding or on the wall. They also included a bitcoin face mask in the package as well. Very cool! Unboxing the avado was very easy, no problems at all in terms of items misplaced or broken. Everything was well labelled and was covered in its own package. I was able to set up my Avado in 5 easy steps!

Short Video of my Avado i7 Blockchain Computer

How to Earn with Avado

Earning with your Avado computer is relatively simple once you following the instructions. There are simple onboarding wizards to help you through what would be an otherwise very technical process. Essentially that is what the AVADO is about. Allowing non technical people like me and some of you to learn in simple ways whilst still making money. So they have done most of the heavy lifting. One of the first software Dapps (decentralised applications) you want to install from the Daap store after you have completed your basic set up, (check my investments page for basic set up) is the Mysterium Node. With this software you do not need any cryptocurrency to start earning as with most nodes. Just install follow the instructions and voila! After installing the Mysterium Node you will also want to install the RYO Cloud client which allows your Avado to be part of a clusters of other Avado computers that offer cloud services. You do not need collateral to make money from this Dapp either.

Final Thoughts

The Avado Block Chain Computer is the easier solution that is available for non technical people and trust me, there are many of us out there who also want to take part and earn from the cryptocurrency revolution without all the techie bits and pieces. I don't consider myself technical but I like the passive income and I like what the technology enables us to do. So I say kudos to AVADO for making these Blockchain computers with the corresponding software packages that allows everyone to participate, earn and also strengthen the new internet.

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