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The King of Faucets

Where do I start?! I am just excited about Pipe Flare! I mean this is a wonderful investment opportunity that pays a little every day, but it is not about the size of the investment, but about the quality of the investment. This means a lot in today's investment environment as almost 95% of reported opportunities are actually scams. I am a professional tier supporter of Pipe Flare.

Pipe Flare is a cryptocurrency faucet, online arcade and gaming community. The company was launched in June 2020 and is headed up by founder Jonathan, who is also the Chief Marketing Officer, with a strong background in fintech science. In speaking with Jonathan at various times via Discord chat, I am always left wanting more. I always want to hear what is coming next and so far Jon and his management team have not disappointed.

When I first read the blog at Pipe Flare's website, I realized that they were comparing themselves to Coinpot and no disrespect to Coinpot but they are not even in the same target market or business. Pipe Flare is leaps and bounds beyond what Coin Pot every offered with reference to:

  1. Product/Service Offering

  2. Ease of Accessibility

  3. Customer Service

  4. Ease of Subscription Deposits

  5. Ease of Income Payments

  6. Website Interface

  7. Recognizable Use Case for the Native Flare Coin

  8. And Most Importantly Transparency

The Tri Faucet

As a cryptocurrency faucet it is free to use by any person who signs up on the website and accepts the terms and conditions. The faucet has offered a number of different currencies, but mainly privacy coin for claiming, including Dash, PIVX, and more recently ZEC, DOGE and FLARE (FLR) its native coin. All currencies to be claimed are based on availability and cost of transactions. The website's interface is very smooth, rich and inviting. The color theme on the front page presents shades of purple, blended with soft white, greyish silver and dark ash grey hues.

Arcade Gaming Platform

As you can see from the above photo of my dashboard, Pipe Flare is more than a faucet it is also an online arcade that currently offers three games for which you can be paid once you place on the leader board. It is very easy to place on the leader board. Now you may be saying, "only three games?" This is only the beginning of paid game offerings, however there are addicting games to play although currently unpaid. There are also many more games to come with many more payouts.

If you are a game developer, you are also invited to host your best work on Pipe Flare.

Above is the top menu header where you can find all the necessary information laid out for easy access. There is always plenty of information to keep you up to date once you log into the website. In the Games header you can find all games, paid games and unpaid games. In the Daily Rewards header you can find all of your activity and performance information such as your winning streaks, claims, supporter level subscription, Social media link multipliers, Referral level multipliers and Power ups. Essentially, I call this page the earning page, it tells you about your earning performance activities. See below for a short video of my Daily Rewards Dashboard:

If you are just using the faucet and not the gaming platform , that is OK, Pipe Flare wants you to use the faucet! They want everyone to get their start with cryptocurrency. If you are a free supporter you will have to log in every 24 hours to claim your you ZEC, DOGE and FLR currencies, However if you want to automate it you can upgrade your user account and benefit tremendously from the associated perks of being being a Casual, Hardcore or Professional Supporter.

Upgrade and Earn More

Some people may not like subscription type investments but this is how you grow your investment. We place money in the bank and get less that 0.15% over an entire year. I would rather place my money where I know it will grow daily and also have the potential of providing a weekly or monthly income stream. I would recommend any person who is serious about growing with Pipe Flare to go with the professional supporter tier which is a budget of $240 per year or $300 per year with a monthly subscription. You can pay for your upgrade with either Visa Debit or Credit Card.

No Need to Recruit Referrals

If you are like me and absolutely dislike recruiting, Pipe Flare has a feature where you can buy life time referrals that actually work, unlike other PTC sites. I personally purchased 100 platinum referrals along with 14 recruited referrals of my own. My purchased referrals out perform my organic referrals every time all the time. Now, here is the thing about purchasing referrals, if you buy them and they don't perform as you expected then you can return them within 14 days and get back your money. This is what I call proper customer service. You can purchase referrals with Visa debit or credit card or cryptocurrency.

Now within the Pipe Flare ecosystem, there is a lot more to come! I don't want to let too much out the bag but the FLARE token will be going on the blockchain very soon! As of April 5th today you can stake your FLARES to earn up to 10% APY ( compounded interest on your capital per annum). This is very lucrative and there are options on how you wish to stake, whether locked or flexible and your level of interest is determined by if you are upgraded or free, as well as how long you lock in your tokens.

Beyond staking, there are a multiplicity of daily and weekly bonuses just for being a loyal Flarian

(that is my own term). I am going to stop right here; because I want you to come see it for yourself, a legitimate business, a strategic long term growth plan for both the business and the community. I hope you make the decision to invest with Pipe Flare and be part of something great!

Get Your Free ZEC and DOGE Now!

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