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The Early Bird Catches the Worm

SocialFi the upcoming social media platform

It is a social media platform based in Estonia and I just happened upon it last year whilst passing through a telegram phase. To be honest, I really didn't pay it much attention but it has been in the background growing steadily, putting its money where its mouth is. So far so good. So what is SocialFi about? Well as I said before, it is a social media platform which is unveiling more and more of its potential as it grows and this makes sense as more people adopt the service. SocialFi is part of the Fozeus Ecosystem which is owned by the Fozeus Empire which offers a comprehensive set of services from investment, advertising to payment systems and currency exchanges. The fozeus ecosystem also has a native coin called FZS or Fozeus coin which was deployed on the Binance Smartchain on October 20th 2021. The current value of the coin at today's rate is USD0.002.

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The feel of SocialFi is different to the mainstream social media platforms, may be it is due to its new emergence and developing its membership. However, to me it it does not feel souless like how instagram and facebook has become. These mainstream platforms are all about algorithms and metrics and don't get me wrong these are important, but people are important too, if not more important. This is where I think that SocialFi has targeted its effort to ensure that people are able to express themselves with feeling and emotion and not just another commercial market place.

Socialfi still has to make money but it is not making this the sole effort and it has provided the various sections to ensure that essentially there is no crosstalk. Take a look at the home page photo below:

It is quite simple really and personal and that is what makes it enjoyable to use SocialFi. For example if you choose the section with people this will bring up all your friends, family or business associates with whom you interact and if you choose business all of the business links etc but this is still being unveiled. Right now the focus is on people.

As of today I have about 23 friends and family that I personally invited to use Socialfi and they are still getting use to it. It is still challenging for them because they are accustom using the mainstream platforms such as facebook and twitter. I had to remind them that facebook was also once a fledgling business. So there is tremendous potential and opportunity for being an early adopter of SocialFi

SocialFi provides the usual services that most platforms offer such as chatting, posting of photos and videos although at this time the platform only allows 15 second clips and at first was pouty about it but you know what it is brilliant as it keeps the content short and not too overbearing and also keeps the website from being laggy. That particular video length restriction feature reminds me of twitter and twitter rocks!

Below is a screen shot of my profile page and it is all very simple and easy to use. You are probably wondering about that blue lightning icon and the time counter. That is one of the special things about SocialFi; it pays its early adopters some of its earnings and I am cool with that.

Essentially, Socialfi is sharing some of its funding with people who join the platform and the more people you bring the higher and faster you earn. It is for a limited time only but there is still some time to go before it stops this feature. I'll show you why! If you look at the screen shot below you can see 5/23 and those are my friends which are 23 in total but only 5 are currently earning for themselves and earning referral commission for me.

So it is still very early days to make a passive income from Socialfi. As you can see below the base rate is still at 0.05FZS/h and if you can invite people they will earn and additional 0.005FZS/h for every active friend your invite.

What do I mean by active? Well being active on SocialFi beyond posting and chatting is simply clicking that lightning button every 24 hours to keep earning Fozeus Coin. You can see my performance below.

Since it is still early days you are not currently able to withdraw your Fozeus Coin but the crypto wallet is coming soon so that you can withdraw your earnings and swap them or may use them in the Fozeus Franchise to earn from their cryptopool. You can enter the Fozeus earning pool by debit or credit card or using BUSD. When you invest in the Fozeus Franchise your profits are paid in USDT/BUSD and FZS.

Look out for your wallet!

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