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Say Hello to Apollo

Good evening! Thank God it is Thursday. Like really, it has been a tough week at work paperwork then outside in the sun, it is getting hotter and hotter by the day in Barbados, the ground is cracking and did I say it is getting hotter? Just glad to get home and deflate. Home is always is always such a place of peace for me, a sanctuary, away from work in a neighborhood that is relatively quiet. As I drive up to my home, the sinking sun casts a cooling shadow on the walls of the house, and I also see four legs at a steady and handsome gait coming towards the fence to meet me.

It's Apollo, my 4 year old Neapolitan Pit Cross. Such a nice brindle boy. We have a ritual to meet at the pedestrian gate every day after work where he gets up on his hind legs to welcome me home, whilst trying to lick me silly. I ask him kindly to get down so I can pass to go inside but it will take about 15 seconds for the firmer command to sink in, then he reluctantly gets down.

He is just besides himself with glee to see me and wants to play instantly. I would say to him, "its been a long day since I left home this morning, I know."

You know what is warming, no matter how many days I come to the gate, it is the same enthusiastic greeting I receive from Apollo. How does he do it after all these years. he loves his master and his master loves him too.

I am sorry I don't have any photos of him right now, but I do have a video that I shot with him today, thanks to my Samsung J5, yes I know way back, but I think it did a decent job. Hope you enjoy Apollo as much as I do. He is such a good boy!

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