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Roller Token is pure Bacon if you like that sort of thing!

Who do you want to be? A Crypto Boss?

So whether you want to be a rich market merchant, a successful trader, a profitable miner, or even all at once - Roller Coin will provide you with every single opportunity with the help of Roller Token. Do you want to be a part of the new crypto world order? Get in now to get special bonuses, status, discounts, and better starting point when it all begins!

Roller Token is a new virtual currency that will lay the foundation for the future Roller Coin crypto economy. The token will be developed on ethereum blockchain with all the applicable smart contract features. As soon as it is implemented, it will be the primary minable token and a valid method to purchase in-game items. Besides, it will be used to organize mining pools, explore additional locations, enter challenges, pay for utilities, and a lot more. As you know, the fork is dear when lunchtime is near. If you want to be an early bird in this project then you can get involved in Roller Coin now for free.

How you Use Roller Token to earn Bitcoin

The Roller Token game is a simulator of mining, so it’s a simplified version of how it’s actually done in the real world.

Network Power is the mining power of all players combined, though every player has its own mining power.

My Power Your personal mining power. It can be built by playing games and purchasing mining machines. The more power you have, the bigger piece of a mining block you receive. The games are simple but addicting and are also challenging but not demotivating.

Mining Block - Every block has a fixed reward in crypto, which is separated between all Roller Coin players in accordance with their mining power.

Reward - All players receive real crypto on their virtual wallets when the mining block is ‘calculated’ which happens approximately every 10 minutes.

You can build up your power by purchasing miners for the data center and by playing games. They both add you the power and place you higher in the rank, but they are totally different.

When you purchase a new miner, it adds you some power and the miner works all the time, even when you are not online. This power is permanent. To purchase your first miner, you need to get a rack first, then you can place a miner on it.

Mining power can also be added for free, by playing games. When you win a game, the power grows too, but only for 24 hours. This means that the power from the game will be added to your mining power and then disappear in 24h. To keep your mining power stable, you should play every day to compensate for the power decrease from previous days.

When you win 10, 30, 60 games, you receive a better PC, which makes your game’s power hold for longer - 3, 5 and 7 days!

Mining and Multi Mining

RollerCoin supports mining of multiple cryptocurrencies, such as: BTC, DOGE, Ethereum and more! You can mine each of them individually or everything at once! In the "My Power" section, there is a button "Split Power", where you can change the percentage of your mining power between all the available coins. RLT (Roller Token) Mining The most actual option for mining in RollerCoin is RLT MINING. RollerToken is the in-game currency of RollerCoin, and it allows you to purchase everything you can find in the Store. To mine RLT, switch your mining power to RLT.

So, here you are, the owner of the whole mining data center with your first cryptos in hand, what are you going to do with it? You can withdraw it to any real crypto wallet or reinvest to buy better mining equipment and go higher in ranks. And don’t forget, only the best are rewarded! Have fun mining!

Join Me Here! Those players who joined the game with my referral link get 1000 Satoshi of referral bonus.

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