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Pipe Flare is now on CoinGecko!

Didn't I tell you that Pipeflare was legitimate a real keeper?!

Pipe Flare's Mission Statement

Well look they have gone and done it! They launched a few days ago on the Polygon network (MATIC) and now they are on Coingecko. I have been talking about and advertisnig about Pipeflare for months and years and now it is materialising to be a great business opportunity!

Few days ago I spoke to the Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan and he told me big news was coming and boy I am glad that I have been playing these games and accumalating these coins because look now it is listed and it is only going to get better from here. I am not going to go into all the details about PipeFlare in this blog because I have done that already in other submissions. But I would like to advise you to either sign up and play the games and earn from the games as well as the native faucet and HODL these coins because they are going to rise in value. If you are not interested in playing any of the games then buy the coin and hold it. To increase your holdings I would still suggest signing up and staking your 1FLR coins. At 10% APY you are going to be profitable. Remember the total supply of 1FLR is only 4 billion these will be very valuable in the coming months. Additionally with the low fees on the polygon blockchain trading cost will be favourable. Check my daily earning below!

If it is one thing that I know is that game currencies are definitely going to have value especially if their online games are very good and their community is large and I think PipeFlare is on the way there. Axie Infinity became popular simply because it has good games, a great marketing plan and revenue model. I think Pipeflare has done all their homework and they have not been rushing to get to market, but they have simply been ensuring things are simple, engaging, profitable and easy to use. I think Pipe Flare is the real deal they have come this far without having the backing of Billionaires like Mark Cuban and Alexis Ohanian and I think they will go to the next level as they deploy their new game metaverse.

Pipe Flare has been a very exciting project and business thus far and I look forward to their continued success and also making their members profitable over the long term. I hope you get the chance to join this exciting gaming platform and also make some money.

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