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Nhimbe Fresh - Water Pumps | 1.02MW + 2.375 MWh Battery Storage | Marondera, Zimbabwe

Nhimbe going 100% Solar Powered

You do not want to miss out on this follow up project by Sun Exchange! If you missed the first Solar Project with Nhimbe Fresh, the environmentally friendly company located in Marondera Zimbabwe, then you need not to miss this even larger project undertaking. This new solar powered activity will see Nhimbe Fresh a company that provides fresh vegetables and fruits to supermarket chains worldwide installing water pumps to bring water from Zimbabwe river systems into their agricultural lands.

This type of activity requires an uninterrupted supply of power and Nhimbe Fresh's operation cannot afford to have challenges with grid power and hence the reason for this vital move towards solar powered electricity. It is vital you act on this information if you are looking for an investment with inherently low risk. This project will provide passive income to investors for the next 20 years on a monthly basis! Investors will be paid in either USD or Bitcoin. All of the usual legal and contractual terms and conditions apply. The annual return on this project is 13.58%, minimum investment is USD8.00.

More on Nhimbe Fresh

Nhimbe believes that in order to be a sustainable company, they first and foremost need to take care of their workforce, surrounding communities and the environment. Nhimbe Fresh employs up to 1,500 individuals from the surrounding area. A unique outgrower scheme provides neighbouring smallholder farmers with crops, inputs and mentoring as well as access to an international market. This enables outgrower farmers to become bankable and able to participate in the local economy.

Nhimbe further embodies its dedication to its employees and community by supporting the local wives and women in basket weaving, providing health care and education to workers’ families, and assisting employees in securing housing for retirement.

In purchasing solar cells for this crowdsale, you will drastically reduce your carbon footprint and support Nhimbe Fresh in its mission to grow as a company that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

I hope you can see the global impact of this project on Africa and the rest of the world. If you are interested in this upcoming project please Click here to join with thousands from around the world to participate in this worthy project!

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