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Mysterium, an easy way to Passive Income

Do you have a reliable internet connection with at least 100mb/s of broadband speed?

If you have at least that amount of speed then you can earn passive income by selling some of your spare bandwidth via Mysterium. In Mysterium Network, you earn for providing VPN services to a global user base. A decentralised virtual private network is essentially peer to peer. People running VPN services are paid by people using VPN service.

I host the Mysterium VPN node on my Avado i7 blockchain computer. The Avado i7 is a high specification computer that is built to run like a personal server and therefore its uptime is 24/7 and this is great hardware on which you can run the mysterium node. However, if you don't have an Avado blockchain computer, Mysterium has made the DPN node available on PI systems, Windows and Apple computers albeit you may have to do a little technical work to make it work but no worries they give you tutorials on how this can be done step by step so you can start receiving your passive income in ethereum every month.

My Mysterium Dashboard

All you Need to Know about Mysterium
My Take Away

I hope that after watching the video you see that this is not only about the money. There is a lot happening in the world that is challenging our basic right of freedom as human beings. There are some of us who refuse to accept that we are to be culled and controlled and it starts with how we see ourselves. Mysterium is just a small part of the overall global ecosystem that is called WEB3, the decentralised web. If more people become part of this peer to peer ecosystem it will bring a level of cooperation not seen in the world since the tower of Babel. I hope that you can be part of Mysterium and the decentralisation process. Let us learn and earn.

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