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My Review of Sun Exchange after 5 Months

Investment in Photovoltaic Farms is for the Long Term and profits are 95% guaranteed.

Investment for the Long Term

I would have listed Sun Exchange as one of my first investments on my Investments Page. I will be honest if you are not patient you are not going to like this investment because of the time it takes to get projects up and running. During March 2021, I bought into two solar projects in South Africa and they are now only coming into fruition in July 2021. It was not easy to understand at first why these projects took so long to start; however why these projects take time to get going is mainly because of regulatory compliance and other logistical matters. Government has to be notified and requisite licenses have to be obtained, equipment has to be imported, contracts have to be drafted, marketing has to be carried out. So there is a lot to do and a lot can change in between. To be honest the Sun Exchange Team has made it very easy on clients to invest and they have been advising investors every step of the way whether there are delays or advances. Another great thing I like about the Sun Exchange projects is that sometimes the projects start generating power even before they are officially commissioned and investors still receive those earnings. It is a bonus of sorts in my books!

Emerging Challenges

Recently there has been unrest in South Africa at the moment. China's authorities has also been causing some delays in shipping battery storage equipment for the Zimbabwe project but Sun Exchange has advised they are working on mitigating those circumstances. However, I am fully assured from the Sun Exchange CEO and Management Team that all projects are fully insured and there will not be a lost of capital or profit.

My Investment

Affiliate Commissions

Financing and Contractual Model

The financing model Sun Exchange uses to deliver these projects is through crowd funding. Therefore there is a period where the project prospectus is presented and persons can decide if they want to invest. Then after the Crowdfund is over then the funds are used to execute the project Once you have an internet connection or a phone you can invest. It does not matter where you live in the world, you can invest. You can invest either with credit or debit card or bitcoin. Payment is also receive in bitcoin, USD or South African Rand if you live in South Africa. When you purchase your solar cells you receive an invoice of your transaction. Furthermore, when you have purchased your solar cells you will be sent a contract for for the 20 year period for which you will be earning income from power generation. Each investor will receive a contract outlining the terms of the transaction and any remedies should there be any disputes.

Potential Earnings

Below I have place a project that has already been crowdfunded and is currently generating power for its customers and earning profit for its investors. Usually the rate of return from my observation is anywhere from 11.75% to 17% per annum. The entry cost per solar cell in this project is from USD3.00 -USD8.00. I am not sure if everyone knows this but on average 144 cells make up 1 solar panel, 72 solars cells would be half a panel and so on. You can see in this particular project the person spent USD40K and received 10K solar cells (69 solar panels) which will earn that investor an income of USD3,552.95 yearly. At the end of the 20 year period your complete earnings will be USD113, 365.70 or around 2.5 times your intial investment. Unlike other investments however, there is an inflation resistant rate included so that the value of your money is not eroded against the cost of living. Additionally you are paid monthly so you actually get returns instead of having to wait until you retire.

Sun Exchange 50th Diary Entry

Upcoming Projects

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