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My Interview with F(x)tec Company owner of Linxdot

Hello Rodney,

Thank you for reaching out, and for your support for our new Helium Hotspot, Linxdot.

In response to your questions:

1. When was F(x)tec started?

Linxdot is part of Livermorium & F(x) Technology, London UK group of companies. We started back in 2017 with the ultimate vision to create purposeful products that refine functionality and enhance user experiences.

2. What is F(x)tec's vision for the global customer?

Our team has a shared passion for connecting people and things together from across the world, through unique technologies and innovative approaches to solving customer problems.

Under the Linxdot brand, our ultimate vision is to make Helium Hotspot miners readily available and even more accessible to people across the world. With this, we also want to bring enhanced functionality to our consumers' lives globally through LoRaWAN devices at affordable prices.

There are so many consumer focused use-cases for IoT devices supported by the LORAWAN network, but to achieve this the infrastructure must first be deployed and that is where we want to step-up. Linxdot wants to start making real changes to the wireless infrastructure of the coming years, and help grow The People's Network to regions globally that haven’t yet been reached.

3. Why enter the Hotspot Market?

We like to build products with the community and for the community. With over 32 thousand Helium Hotspots now active across the world, the introduction of the Helium 5G network, and the exceptional demand for Hotspots worldwide, we felt like this was the perfect time to join the Helium Community. We want to bring our expertise as a consumer device manufacturer to this amazing initiative whilst at the same time helping to increase coverage to more locations worldwide.

As well as expertise in engineering and consumer products, some of our team have experience of distributed computing research and IOT/MVNO network build-outs for European telcos, so naturally, we are really excited to jump on board and help build out the Helium IOT network and compatible LoRaWAN devices.

4. What other products and services does F(x)tec offer?

Under Linxdot, we plan on launching an indoor miner, and eventually an outdoor miner. F(x)tec products consist of our own designed and manufactured consumer devices, with a core focus on Qualcomm based high-spec Android smartphones and accessories.

5. What are your thoughts of competing technologies like MatchX M2Pro

Ultimately, we are all working towards the same end goal and vision, which is to create an affordable, secure and decentralised IoT wireless network, connecting people and devices together across the world. Competing technologies are on a very similar journey and given the rate at which the world is developing we need a high uptake of such solutions to help shape the future of wireless solutions and infrastructure.

I hope this provides all the information you need. Please do let me know if you have any more questions!



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