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Mine $TEMZU from your browser

This one is by invitation only. You can mine this coin for free until the coin is listed on various exchanges. Temzu $TZ token was deployed on BNB smart chain ecosystem. The official token address 0x3e7f8FDc9b11E19E147F2B8A0898C8762FDA8583 Smart contract passed 98% audit on StaySafu

Once listed mining will cease and the ecosystem will take over. Trading Test and Setting Price for Temzu $TZ token is scheduled for May 2023. This is the time now to mine and invite friends to mine this. Temzu is small project for now but it has a vibrant mining community of around 73K members and they are very focused on building out this ecosystem and seeing this coin do very well. I only happened upon them because I am always on the look out for something off the beaten path.

As you can see below Temzu wants to focus in on their mining and blockchain effort of the project and therefore they have placed other earning sections of the website on a another separate but related website called KicBi. If you want to sign up with KICBI click here. KickBi allows you to earn money in BUSD by just answering a quiz. 3 cents for every correct question answered and cash out is 50.00 BUSD minimum. You can also earn from referrals at 10 cents per person.

This is practically a risk free project to everyone as there is no real investment outside of time that is required every 3 hours to restart the on page miner. So no need to think too hard about this one. Try it out earn some TEMZU coin, share your link with you friends and earn even more whilst they also earn.

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