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May You Be Blessed and Rewarded in 2022

It is the end of the year and I wanted to thank all my readers and all the people who have graced the pages of my website during the year. It has been challenging as well as rewarding. Let us be honest what is life without challenge. You would never know how you are growing if there was not some challenge to test you.

So we are here at the last day of 2021 and what have we learned? We have learned that nothing in life is certain except death and that is one of the most sobering thoughts ever. However, we also learned that once there is a will there is a way! Let us keep this in mind as we enter 2022. I am personally not all fussed about 2022 and new years resolutions primarily because the bible says there is nothing new under the sun. However, I am deeply thankful to God for granting me His peace through this entire year even when things were looking sketchy.

I want to especially give a huge shout out to the team at Trafficadbar for all the support that they have given to Jireh Consulting over 2021 and I look forward to working with everyone in 2022 and supporting your websites and businesses as well..

Success in 2022

Success is given by God but we still have to put in the effort. Let us all hope that we can obtain major success in 2022. My plan is to contine with the businesses I invested in and supported in 2021 because I ultimately feel that these businesses will continue beyond the next 5 years. Why do I believe this? My perspective is that these companies were created during a period of adversity and they didn't scam when they could have. In addition markets have not been the best this year due to covid 19 and all its variants. I especially support Goku Market as my major long term business because it is licensed and regulated by the EU Commission. My second business is Revofi and I believe in this project. It will be bigger than Helium even though it is not in direct competition. I believe those who bought $RVS coin (0.05 USD) or the Revofi device (599 -649 USD) will see 10X to 100X profit net year. My third business Pipe Flare is a gaming platform with its own native cryptocurrency 1FLR. I use this business for entertainment and HODLing of 1FLR. Sometime in the near future it will add more wealth to my portfolio.

Elevate Pass is my higher risk project and although I like the sentiments of the management team the business is still in its infancy and has had relations with ImpulsX that did not do so well. But I am about giving people a chance since we all don't do well the first time. All the best my peeps!

Goku Market

RevoFi & $RVS

Pipe Flare

Elevate Pass

Let us have a Wonderful 2022!

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