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MatchX is still the Best Miner

The MatchX multicoin miner is still the best cryptocurrency miner around even though it retails on Amazon for just over USD 3k and directly on the MatchX website for EUR 2.5k. You can't get pass the fact that the M2PRO as it is called mines more than one type of cryptocurrency including the famous bitcoin without the extravagant cost of a tradition ASIC miner and the exorbitant electricity costs that comes along with operating those miners.

The M2Pro operates on only 5watts of electricity so you don't have any energy or environmental concerns. Secondly, this unit is fanless, so there isn't any noise to worry about as with traditional miners. Not only is the M2Pro silent but it is also elegant similar to a mantle piece in your living room. Just look at the picture above. Literally you can be set up in less than 10 minutes with your mobile phone to manage your device.

Earnings currently without any bitcoin mining are rated at USD 11.00 per day with Bitcoin mining now added you are going to recoup the money you paid out in no time. Below you can see photos of my friend's two M2Pro devices and his comments. He is just stoked. I am stoked too, I can't wait for mine to arrive.

Now this is just the money side of the M2Pro but it so much more than a crypto miner because there is whole other level of earning with this device which is the, internet of things (IoT), network it supports. These devices will form a robust global network that promotes information transfer at a fraction of the cost of using data networks. You may have read about it in one of my other blog posts but if you want to know more about what the M2Pro can do click HERE

If you are interested in purchasing a MatchX M2Pro then click the link and check out all the specifications to make the most profitable choice in cryptocurrency mining today.

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