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Lucky Clover 300

The Opportunity

I am a risk taker ok... Don't be hard on me but I realise that timing and the right people are important in making decisions in life. Now I just happened upon a guy on Instagram with the handle Wealthy Investor. Totally crypto savvy and has a great following too. You may have heard of him. He also does promotions for people who have opportunities they want to present. His rates are good too by the way. Anyway, I am straying.

So I am having this conversation with him about his offer and I am telling him, I am part of the unbanked area as far as crypto is concerned. Officially, the Caribbean hates crypto because of the whole colonial system blah blah. So I am telling him, I don't even have 30 dollars in crypto to pay for the promotion and I am like do you take FIAT and he is like no. I was a bit disappointed but that is life. Move on. Anyway I am reviewing his bio on INSTA and I see he is promoting a defi contract called Clover BNB

Some key points on why you should investment in this opportunity. What are you waiting for, invest right now.

1: Can I take my initial BNB back?

Over Time! Clovers are not bought, Clovers are fed and therefore they can't be sold. Once Clovers are bought they work for you until you reach x3.

2: What happens when I buy Clovers?

When you buy Clovers, your BNB gets locked into the Lucky Clover BNB smart contract and rewards you with 3% daily return every day.

3: When is the best time to Buy Clovers?

Always! No matter when you buy clovers, you will begin with a return rate of 3% daily.

4: How often should Compound Clovers?

WE recommend that you compound at least once per day but you are free to do so as often as you wish.

5: How is Lucky Clover BNB sustainable?

Lucky Clover has been developed by a team of investors with proven expertise in the world of cryptocurrencies. Our team specializes in trading operations, forex operations and investment in defi projects with a level of positive results in each of these operations of 90%. There have been years of hard work in these areas. Which made us think about integrating 3 senior programmers to our team and together make Lucky Clover a long-lasting and safe project. The fees will be used to generate profits in the previously mentioned areas and will be injected again in the project tvl, forming a powerful tool that will guarantee a safe investment project for our clients who will be the main beneficiaries. We think as these profits increase, make changes in favor of investors in the daily roi. Up to 5% so that the project remains healthy. Even the surpluses generated in the operations that are executed will be raffled off to the most serious investors on our platform.These proposed strategies will be put into operation just a week after the project is launched. The changes and results will be palpable to everyone and we will maintain constant feedback with users so that the process is transparent and encourage safe investments in our platform. Together we will be an indestructible family where we will achieve that dream of a lasting project that has not been seen for a long time. Thanks to our professionalism and your trust, Lucky Clover will be able to set the standard in this era of digital investments.

6: How to use Lucky Clover BNB on my phone?

You can either use an app with a dapp browser and choose the Metamask/Injected option or simply use any browser that you want and choose WalletConnect to connect to your wallet's app on your phone.

7: Is it better to Compound clovers or Collect clovers?

By design, Compound Clovers will be more profitable than Collect Clovers in the long-term.

8: How do referrals work?

Once your BSC wallet is connected to the Lucky Clover BNB website, you will notice your referral address appear at the bottom of the page. When a new user buy clovers after clicking your personal referral link, the contract will send a BNB value equal to 5% instantly to your Clovers. Be smart, use it to Compound clovers and build yourself a stream of income.

9: When will Lucky Clover BNB launch?

Lucky Clover was launched on June 24th 2023.

How Does the Clover BNB Work?

Lucky Clover BNB is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) contract designed to offer passive Defi income.

Deposit BNB to buy 'CLOVERS' and earn daily rewards In BNB.

Simple steps to Invest:

• Buy Clovers – Enter the amount of BNB you want to invest to buy 'Clovers' miners. When you buy clovers, the contract will deposit and lock your BNB into the contract.

In exchange, you will receive "clovers", which is the number of miners you own. At this point, you should make sure that you have included any referral code if you have one.

* There is a Minimum Deposit of 0.01BNB

• Compound – Once you start receiving rewards, you will be able to 'reinvest in Clovers', which is increasing your rewards and allowing the contract to purchase additional clovers with the funds and adding them to your wallet.

•Your compound rewards are locked in the contract and the amount of your rewards is reset

• Collect: Withdraw earned BNB rewards to your wallet up to a maximum of 300% ROI.

Turn 0.01BNB into 0.03BNB

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