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Join the Wireless Revolution

It is not too late, the REVO-lution is now beginning and you will want to be part of it!

Introducing REVOFI

All you need is this one device to earn in multiple ways. Enable connectivity of the future and help build the RevoFi network. Earn $RVS for sharing your resources. All you’ll need is a RevoFi enabled device.

The RevoFi network is a decentralized wireless infrastructure platform (similar to the Helium Network but very different), owned and powered by the people. By owning a RevoFi enabled device, anyone can earn Revos by providing network coverage and sharing resources to compute, store, and send data across the network. This is made possible by the Revos Blockchain.

Who is REVOFI - Founders and Management

RevoFi LLC is a Wyoming, USA Limited Liability Company with its primary business operating in the

greater Denver, CO metropolitan area. The company was founded April 6th, 2021. The company has

operations in central United States and globally.

  • Justin W. Caswell, Founder and CEO

Twenty years in communications, architecture, automation, development, and entrepreneurship. He has been working directly at a high level with DISH Wireless, EchoStar, and others related to building a national cloud native 5G wireless network.

  • Lauren Motazedi, Co-Founder | Chief of Staff | Infosys

Lauren is completing her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Colorado Denver in Information Systems Management. She is highly organized, which has driven her experience in leadership, management, and operations.

  • Brendon Quick, Supply Chain | Contract Manufacturing | Distribution

Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, Continuous Improvement, Product Development, and Finance. Program & project management, graduated from Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business - Executive MBA in 2017.

  • Chuck Chan, Sr. Blockchain Developer

Senior Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in Software development. 5 years recent experience concentrating on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency projects, working with blockchain start-ups & enterprise companies to build ecosystems on blockchain. Bachelor of Science - National Tsinghua University, Taiwan

  • Aaron Waldo King, Customer Engagement & Sales Support

  • Shafik Bahou, Program Management

  • Gavin Caswell, Supply Chain | Buyer | FBA

A little Background

As you know the Helium Network is the largest and most popular IOT mesh network at the moment and originally Helium and REVOFI were going to collaborate but Helium saw the REVOFI's native coin $RVS as competition and therefore that collaboration did not materialise. However, this does not make REVOFI's offering any less powerful. As a matter of fact it is good that they are separate so as to bring some competition to the market and maintain the standard of the network. Currently, the $RVS token is not yet on coinmarket so you can see it is very early days for REVOFI. If, the collaboration had been successful they may not have been able to bring multiple ways of earning to the global market.

The Revofi Box

  • Efficient miner for new cryptocurrencies – Revos (RVS)

  • Wi-Fi 6 Mesh technology for seamless high-speed broadband

  • Complete set-up in minutes using a smartphone

  • Easily manage the Micro and earned tokens from a mobile app

  • RevoFi Microservices Cloud Platform

  • RevoFi Offload – Mobile data offloading

  • Full integration with NVIDIA software and cloud catalog (NGC)

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology maximizes wireless range and capabilities

Revos Token Usage

Revos provides multiple uses within the decentralized cloud services network.

  • Miners mine $RVS by providing Wi-Fi 6 mesh network utilization

  • Miners mine $RVS by providing Storage resources and its utilization

  • Miners mine $RVS by providing Compute resources and its utilization

  • Miners mine $RVS by hosting decentralized cloud services (e.g. Dapps, AI applications, web services, CDN’s, cloud native workloads, etc.)

  • Users pay for resources with Revos Data Credits that are created by burning $RVS

  • Token holders pay $RVS for transaction fees

  • Token holders pay $RVS for subscription and name registration

Revos Rewards for Mining

Revos $RVS calculations to estimate earnings will be unique to each device and deployment environment. Thus, there is no singular and exact formula for the infinite possibilities of how miners (device owners) will earn. By understanding how the Revos Blockchain functions and why it rewards will help guide the explanation of calculating potential earnings.

Revos Reward Types

The Revos Blockchain rewards RevoFi devices for providing Wi-Fi 6 mesh connectivity, storage, compute, decentralized cloud services, and by validating the RevoFi Network. Devices and their owners (Miners) are rewarded in Revos, $RVS. Proof of Network (PoN) is used for three aspects of the rewards to validate utilization of network resources. Proof of Ping (PoP) is used for two reward types to validate performance metrics such as latency, connectivity, and errors.

Revos $RVS Production Targets

The total fixed supply of Revos will be 1B – 1,000,000,000 over a 50-year fixed issuance timeframe and has a capped supply. Halving will occur every ten (10) years. Target production rate for newly minted Revos per month is 4,537,448 at 54,329,372 per annum the first ten (10) years. The Revos Blockchain provides inflation rewards for 50 years to incentivize the RevoFi decentralized cloud services network. After the initial launch of the mainnet rewards are distributed daily on a linear decreasing supply until 1,697,793 are distributed in the 50th and final year of Revos production.

Revos Burn and Mint

The Revos Blockchain has a burn and mint equilibrium, allowing the supply of $RVS to correlate to actual network resources utilization trends and lead to a static month on month $RVS supply when equilibrium is found. After Revos mining has been completed and miners are no longer minting Revos, then a pool of burned Revos will be recycled and made available for use to the network to reward miners. The blockchain network will monitor Revos Data Credit usage based on utilization of resources and adds the amount, less than the cap amount of 3%, to the supply. This will correlate to total utilization cap that is set to 3% of the live issuance rate at that time. This percentage is variable that can be evaluated and changed in the future to match the utilization of the network. This model is subject to change and is meant to address the future state of the network when there is no longer enough Revos being minted, and minting is no longer able to reward miners.

Utilization (Wi-Fi 6 Mesh, Compute, Storage)

Utilization is the act of spending Revos Data Credits to pay for moving data through the network over the Wi-Fi 6 Mesh network or to service a resource lease for compute, network, and storage for deploying web services. When distributing $RVS earned per block, the blockchain system will evaluate the following:

  • What is the distribution of Revos Data Credits spent per node per resource type?

  • Are the spent Revos Data Credits valid?

  • Does the account have enough Revos Data Credits to spend?

  • Did both the miner and client sign off on the Revos Data Credits spend?

  • Do all transactions reconcile the Revos Data Credits balance per user to node spend?

The valid data credits spent per node, for all transactions, are calculated and the distribution of $RVS for that block are then dispersed according to the distribution table above for that time-period.

EXAMPLE ONLY: If 10,000 $RVS is awarded for a block and the chain variable is set to 20% for Wi-Fi 6 mesh utilization, this would equal 2,000 $RVS of the total reward. The blockchain system then calculates the distribution of Revos Data Credits spent across the participating nodes. In this example the Revos Data Credits spent specifically for Wi-Fi 6 mesh. If the entire network consisted of 10 nodes, such as in the set below {00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09}, and the total number of Revos Data Credits spent on Wi-Fi 6 mesh equals 100,000 Revos Data Credits with the following distribution:

Click the photo to sign up and Earn 500 Revos

The distribution of $RVS correlates directly to the work performed on the RevoFi Network per device. Since network resource utilization is the primary commodity and utility of the RevoFi Network that is incentivized, the blockchain system emphasizes the importance of serving end users, web services, and application developers. Therefore, most of the rewards are dispersed based on utilization.

Order Now in Time for December or Early January 2022!

My Take Away

Don't sit by and let this pass. This is a great business opportunity to be part of. Without all of the technical knowledge you can look at the demand for information and the Market that is willing to pay for the transferrence of information globally over robust and cost efficient networks. You are currently seeing the Helium Network doing it and Revofi Network is just going to do it better because they are looking at the inefficiencies that Helium made and building their offer to avoid or prevent those same mistakes. We are on the cusp of a tremendous technological change that is changing the way how we communicate with each other and machines. It is exiciting and lucrative and anyone can be part of it. See you Inside!

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