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Increase your Business with this Solution

Who is B4U Financial?

B4U is a Global Network for the authorization, clearing, settlement of ATM and Merchant POS

digital currency transactions, and the leader in the liquidity of digital currencies.

What Makes B4U Financial #1?

They have created the FIRST B-Commerce Network Gateway for Blockchain Currency liquidity.

Businesses and Consumers can now have the security and convenience of liquidity through

ATM and POS for their Blockchain Currency asset. They invested in both people and capital for

the research and development of systems, platforms, cyber security, fraud prevention and AML

compliance to ensure that only the safe and secure solutions are released through their


The Team behind B4U Financial is unmatched. The founder and CEO of B4U Financial is T.Jack

Williams whose experience and credentials solidify the reputation of B4U Financial (credentials

posted at the end of the document).

What Problem Dooes B4U Solve?

  • How Does B4U Solve the Liquidity Problem? B4U has 4 main payment solutions:


  • A new way to engage with customers from across the globe.

  • Certified with Hyosung, GenMega, Triton and Die Bold.

  • Direct Settlement to ATM Owner bank account

  • Smart ATM locator B4UATM.COM for consumers

  • Consumer fees set by ATM Owner with either fixed fee or Percentage fee of transaction

B4U POS Payment

  • Integrated with EMETEC to provide a global payment gateway.

  • A white labelled internet based and APP B4U POS System available for Invoicing for

  • Crypto to Fiat payments.

  • All fees are to the consumer zero to merchants

  • Alternative Terminal available no integration to existing terminal for bank transactions.

  • Integrated and Certified with POS software and hardware providers.

  • Settlement direct to Merchants bank accounts anywhere in the world.

B4U E-Commerce Plug In

The B4U E-Commerce Plug In has 3 payment options:

  • Integrated with E-Commerce Web Development Solutions.

  • Web Developers set the rates for Merchants

  • All fees are settled to Web Developer bank account.

  • Transaction settlement direct to Merchants bank accounts anywhere in the world.

  • Used by major on-line betting companies for instant Pay In Pay Out to consumer betting wallets

B4U Payroll Add On

You have employees who would like their salary to be paid out in Bitcoin? Maybe they prefer to

be paid out with Fiat and Bitcoin. B4U can work with Payroll Departments to make this possible.

Smart, Safe And Secure

B4U has helped businesses who added the B4U Pay system, scale their businesses between

10%-50% pay-in traffic, producing a substantial increase in their revenue. This was made

possible as B4U provided companies an additional method of payment with what they currently

use. Today, they can accept Bitcoin.

It works like this, when the merchant accepts the bitcoin transaction from the consumer, the consumer’s digital wallet is scanned to ensure there is no

fraudulent activity and any activity on the dark-web, once cleared, the bitcoin is converted to

Fiat(cash) and is deposited into the merchant’s bank business account.

Secure Check

Why Bitcoin? Today, the gold standard of digital currency is Bitcoin, however, with B4U

Financial, we provide our clients the security and assurance of zero risk and zero claw backs on

all transactions. Our clients are not impacted by the markets.

Why Now Is The Time To Work With B4U?

The days are coming when QRs’ will be the payment process and we pride ourselves on being

the first to provide the QR solutions that are already in motion globally. For digital currencies

to go mainstream in the Caribbean islands, people will require safe, secure and convenient

access. B4U Financial solves this problem. We have solved the consumer’s and merchant’s

access to the liquidity of blockchain currencies all in seconds. Our system has given businesses

access to a market that is measured in the trillions that without B4U, they would not have

access to. Our clients feel confident to know they are well prepared for the future and they can

benefit from it now.


Don’t take B4U's word for it. Here are just some of the businesses who have partnered with them: -


If you are Interested contact B4U and reference my name Rodney Alkins - Barbados when you speak to:


Mr Tremayne Marshall

Strategic Partnership Development/

Accounts Manager

Region of Canada and the Caribbean


Phone: 647.489.8830

Copyright B4U Financial Canada. Any Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this material

is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.


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