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Hydro Hash

Liquid-cooled crypto mining powered by renewable energy

Why Do you use Liquid Cooling?

Almost all crypto mining rigs are air-cooled, just like an old VW bug or boring beige computer. Modern cars and gaming PC´s have gone liquid-cooled, and for good reason: it’s cheaper and more reliable to cool with liquid than with air. Even Tesla batteries are liquid-cooled.

With a liquid-cooled mining rig, the ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) can reliably be run cool. Maintaining a narrower and more predictable temperature range extends their longevity, while running higher sustained loads for greater efficiency. This consumes less overall power for a given hashrate and increases the overall profitability of operations.

Crypto mining is routinely criticized for being environmentally unfriendly. Bitcoin mining consumes 0.5% of all electricity used globally—that’s more than the entire population of Finland’s 5.5 million people. The average electricity rate in the U.S. is $0.1042 per kilowatt-hour, but hydroelectric power can be bought in quantity for as low as $0.06/kWh—including hosting—and even less without.

How Does Hydro Hash Make Money

  • Raised $5M in 22hrs in our first Reg CF

  • Quick second Reg CF open now, intermediate price, before a larger raise

  • Liquid-cooled crypto mining for greater efficiency

  • Led by experienced miners and tech entrepreneurs

  • Vision: the world's most advanced & efficient crypto mining operation

Hydro Hash mines crypto, mostly BTC on ASIC but some other coins on GPU (with algorithms that select whatever is most profitable at the time). They "hodl" in BTC and stake Ethereum.

Note that ASICS are the fastest miners and are well suited for BTC. Ethereum, and similar cryptos, are made to be "ASIC-resistant" and is best mined on GPU.

They have to buy mining rigs and apply liquid cooling to them, this is where most of the capital goes. The listed prices of miners rarely reflect the actual price and delivery dates promised can get delayed for months. They have even heard of the manufacturers running the gear themselves when prices are high, for months at a time, and only shipping when the price drops.

Why You would want to Invest in Hydro Hash

Here is why you want to Invest, First of all cryptocurrency mining is stable, whether it is POW or POS. These two forms of securing the network for currency transactions has been proven. So the technology for mining is sound. Next the management team of the company must also be legitimate, innovative, experienced and visionary and I don't see any lack of value in this team.

Experienced miners and Successful Entrepreneurs

Rick Bentley: Chairman/CEO

Rick Bentley has a long history of leadership and innovation in Silicon Valley. He was first mining crypto in 2015 while working full time at Google. When Ethereum came out he was mining on liquid-cooled GPU rigs of his own design.

He’s started several tech companies: one was backed by Softbank and bought by Uber. He's also CEO at Cloudastructure, which has had two successful Reg CF rounds, on Republic and Wefunder, and a Reg A+ fundraise of over $35M. Mr. Bentley has a B.A. in Physics and a Masters in Engineering from University of California at Berkeley.

James McCormick: CFO

James McCormick has over 30 years of experience in finance, operations and administration including CEO, CFO and COO positions at public and private companies. He has been instrumental in raising over $1B in funds for companies he has been involved with, including IPO’s, sales to strategic investors, investments by VC’s and securities sales through capital markets. He has been involved in numerous M&A activities, both on buy-side and sell-side transactions. His experience has ranged from managing start-up companies to complex, multi-national entities.

Prior to Hydro Hash, Mr. McCormick was President and COO of LTA Research, a leading aerospace research and development company building experimental and certified manned and remotely piloted airships. McCormick’s responsibilities included management of manufacturing, flight operations, purchasing, quality, finance, IT, legal and business development. He holds a BBA from the University of Toledo and a MBA from the University of Michigan.

Brad Degnan: CTO

Brad Degnan has a long history of Systems Administration in Silicon Valley. He has managed servers and networks for Electronic Arts, deCarta (bought by Uber), IronPort Systems, Cisco, Thoughtmatrix, Enmetric Systems and Redaptive. He first started mining BTC in 2011.

James McGibney: Advisor

James has a long track record of successful startup experience. James founded SecuraTrak, Cheaterville, and Bullyville. His work has gotten him interviews on Dr. Phil, ABC Nightline, Anderson Cooper and others. Most recently he has been featured on Netflix as the guy who helped bring down the "most hated man on the Internet". He's now working on his own TV show. He has also been a Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Rosendin since 2013. He has a Cybersecurity Certification from Harvard University, a Masters degree from Boston University, is a current Doctoral Candidate at Pepperdine University, and was a United States Marine from 1992-2000.

Business Card


Hydro Hash is still in an early phase and are just beginning to implement their business plan. There can be no assurance that they will ever operate profitably. The likelihood of success should be considered in light of the problems, expenses, difficulties, complications and delays usually encountered by early-stage companies. Hydro Hash may not be successful in attaining the objectives necessary for it to overcome these risks and uncertainties.

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