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How to Win an Argument on the Internet

Consistently having pointless arguments says a lot about you!

When was the last time you had an argument on facebook or twitter cussing someone out over your opinion that really doesn't solve the challenge of global starvation and poverty? Case in point here is not to have arguments about matters that do not improve you or the person nor add any benefit to those who are observing.

Birds of a Feather

A good question to ask yourself is if you were face to face would you be behaving in the same manner. I doubt it. Some of us like the relative safety of standing behind the shadow of the internet to release our true inner corrosive nature on some unsuspecting mature conversationalist, but if you had engaged the individual face to face, all of suddden you are barely audible.

Opinions can be factual but for the average person it is highly emotive and to challenge an opinion is to challenge the person and not necessarily the information they have put out. I mean we live in a world with predominantly unique people and most people may have a different insight and experience than you may have. I think, this is where the term, "birds of a feather flock together." has contextual meaning. We tend to associate with people that will agree with us or that have had similar experiences; it is just human nature.

1 Million French Men can't be Wrong!

However, just because you may have 1million people who agree with you it doesn't make you a demi god, you can still be wrong about what you are saying and in any event it is still your opinion. The other half of that saying is, "fools seldom part."

So in the past, before we had the interweb, we still had differences of opinion and yes there were still rants back then, but it seems that social media has created a new level of entitlement and a totally new maniac who will seek to break social media by throwing virtual tantrums in the twitter and facebook aislses because they can't get their way. In additon, they will tag their "Spatsquad" into the ring to tell you about your parents and what you had for lunch. Usually it is flurry of mispelled words, slangs and expletives and by the time it is finished no one has been edified. As a matter of fact after the tirade some people look back in the media feeds questioning why people are behaving on social media in such a grotesque mannner only to see their own name pop up next to the slurry comments.

The Impact of Opinion Good or Bad

It is so ridiculous that have lost self control, discipline, self respect and respect for others that we need a social media AI to govern our speech like kindergarten children. As a matter of fact, I think our children look at us in amazement and when they copy us then we want discipline them. Too late, they have been watching you all along and taking copious notes.

Look, I am not saying you can't have disagreements, whether on social media or in person, but please remember to be respectful and discipline your mind and tongue, keep focused on what is being said and if you need to walk away or end the conversation because it is encouraging wild animal behaviour, then do so respectfully. Through disagreement we have made many discoveries which has led to the advancement of the world today.

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