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How to turn 150 Dollars to 375 Dollars in 4 months

If you are looking for over night riches then go join an HYIP or Scam don't read this content cause it will only frustrate you. So many people are disillusioned by broken dreams of becoming wealthy and without thought throw their hard earned money into ponzi schemes and outright scams because of the outrageous promises made by some sweaty people in their soiled undies in their 5 by 8 bedrooms. It disgusts me that people do this for a living.

The fact is that there are many businesses, projects and programs out there that are legal, reliable and paying but it seems either people don't know or care to know about them. Let me first start by saying that in order to make money you must have money. Secondly, you will earn money in proportion to the capital that you put up and the risk/reward interest rate. The higher the rate of return the higher the risk. I was recently told by a seasoned investor you should have a mixed bag of investments never all of one type, as it makes painful scrambled eggs. It makes a lot of sense too. People have lost all their assets and their minds to hair brained schemes and pipe dreams, whilst making fraudsters and their families rich. It is sad, but you know what their time will come as well.

Today I want to discuss as my title says how to turn 150.00 USD to 375.00 USD in 4 months. It is quite simple but you must have a little back ground understanding of money and investing. I say this because you should know a little about your investment even if it is not your area of study. Like cooking is not my area but I know how to boil water, so I would survive.

Goku Market Place is a company that was incorporated in Hong Kong on November 20th, 2019. It is a centralised hybrid exchange and utility provider (goods and services). The company supports crypto trading, crypto purchases with card, cash-out with debit card, staking, autobots, e-commerce, freelancers, travel bookings and IEOs, which are all accessible on web & mobile Android or iOS App. As with many other exchanges, notably and comparably, Binance; Goku Market also has its own native currency GMC (Goku Market Credit) which is used to pay for very low trading fees or to purchase goods and services from its online Amazon-like store. Essentially Goku Market Place is a one stop shop for everything cryptocurrency and fiat. The exchange does not discriminate or compare Fiat and Crypto as it sees both of these instruments as having their own place in the global economy. Goku Market place is also licensed and regulated by the European Commission. Know more about Goku Market from Yahoo Finance.

So let us look at what Goku Market can do for us who want to start building wealth and I will discuss three main opportunities for those of us who are not traders but still looking for the benefits.

  • Staking of various Crypto Currencies including their own native crypt GMC at rates ranging from 5% to 15% APR. Minimum Stake for GMC is 20 USD. All other Stakes start at 100 USD.

  • 250% return in four months through AI Trading + Defi on USDT and GMC. Minimum investment is 50.00 usd, maximum investment is 20,000.

  • AI trading bot investment where you can select any bot after reviewing its performance history starting at a minimum of 180.00 for a minimum of 90 days.

*** Access is only given by invitation and completion of KYC (passport ID) (Know Your Customer).


  • 24/7 assistance from their support staff who are very good no matter if you are investing 50.00 dollars or 50,000 dollars

  • Buying Cryptocurrencies or Fiat with Debit or Credit Card via Moon Pay or Mercuryo

  • Very easy to use platform

  • No transaction fees for transferring between native accounts

  • Very low trading fees and also discounted fees for using GMC (Goku Market Credit)

I recommend this prescribed investment plan of AI Trading + Defi to start building your portfolio if you are a new investor as Goku Market is almost guaranteeing your successs here! Here is how to get started.

  1. Sign up with Goku Market. Click Here

  2. Complete your KYC and await your approval, doesn't take very long.

  3. Then fund your main wallet with USDT if you have, otherwise with BTC, BNB or ETH.

  4. Alternatively you can access the Earn Page and Click PreLaunch Offer.

  5. Click Subscribe to access the various levels of investment.

Below you can see I selected the minimum investment and it provides a return of 125.00 dollars comprising of USDT and GMC. 125% of your earnings are in USDT and the remaining 125% are in GMC. You can earn additional GMC by placing your daily GMC earnings into the GMC to earn more USDT (12% APR), GMC (5% -15% APR) every month. You can also receive other crypto rewards as well.

So, the final state is just to click the earning button to earn which will take your wallet to deposit the funds into the investment.

My other Recommended and easy to use Investment is Staking. Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. Users are rewarded for simply depositing and holding coins and tokens in their GokuMarket wallet as they normally would. Staking rewards are distributed either daily, weekly, or monthly depending on each project. The rewards are also calculated differently for each coin or token project and in general the rewards are based on the user’s pro-rata share of the total coin or token balance held by all the GokuMarket Staking users that generated the corresponding Staking Rewards during the given duration.

. There is plenty to stake at Goku Market. See Below!

AI Trading Bots Video

My third recommended investment for persons with larger budgets or greater appetite for risk and reward.

How to Access your earnings?

Accessing your earned money is very simple. It is always available to you at any time to transfer to any wallet you choose. You can also purchase the Goku debit card if you wish to wish to use it for everyday activities. The cost of the card is 75 USD plus shipping and administration. Usually the card will arrive within 2 weeks worse case scenario. All fees pertaining to the card are listed so you can make an informed choice on if to purchase the card. see below for more information.

More About the Goku Market Debit Card

The GokuMarket KYC verified users can choose their preferred cryptocurrency source for which they want to top-up their card balance with and pay. With the GokuMarket Prepaid Debit Card users do not need to convert coins into real banknotes, thanks to the GokuMarket debit card where any regular ATM can be used to withdraw cash. These types of cryptocurrency debit cards also allow users to easily make daily payments.

The GokuMarket Prepaid Debit Card is very similar to a regular debit card and has the same functionalities. The only difference is that the initial loading of the card balance can be made using cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and NEM (XEM) with more cryptocurrencies to be added in the future.

The GokuMarket prepaid debit card can be topped-up using above cryptocurrencies and has a 2.5% top-up fee, which can be discounted down to 2% if paid using GMC (GokuMarket Credits). USD is the primary currency for top-up and traditional fiat conversions allows the cards to be used worldwide. When you top-up your debit card balance the cryptocurrency payment is retrieved from your GokuMarket cryptocurrency wallet.

Users can get many different perks such as vouchers for free debit cards when they register with GokuMarket and purchase GMC (GokuMarket Credits).

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