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How to Invest in Pipe Flare Gaming for the Long Term

Let us not be silly or fool ourselves, real wealth is accumulated over time and with hard work, sacrifice. respect and forgiveness

Elon Musk and Warren Buffett did not just appear as they are today they were built and molded into who they are today and they are still learning and improving as they continue to live. So what makes any of us think that obtaining wealth was going to be an easy walk. Well for some it is, because they received an inheritance, however, they have the responsibility of maintaining, sharing and increasing that wealth. That is a lot of responsibility!

I spoke about wealth as I am introducing my update on the gaming platform Pipe Flare because it is coming from small beginnings' It has been stable for the last 3 years and its gaming portfolio, community, client base and partnerships have been growing and I believe that sometime in the near future because of the systematic way it has been conducting its business, it will be acquisitioned or it will be insanely valuable. All that being said, please remember it is still a business that is open to risk like any other business, but my opinion is that Pipe Flare is following a robust business plan for long term profitability with a great concern for its subscribers.

Pipe Flare uses Fiat and Crypto

One of the first things you should know about Pipe Flare is that it is a gaming platform where you can earn crypto currency by playing arcade genre video games. Playing the games is free. In the free mode you will not earn as much as if your are a paid subscriber and that is like with any other business. However, you will earn and it is not complicated.

  1. For the casual gamer it is an outlet to kill time.

  2. For the serious gamer it is a way to increase your position on the leaderboard and earn 10.00 USD weekly. Plus receive other bonuses

  3. For the gamer investor it is an investment strategy for the long term.

  4. For the game developer it is a great place to have your game tested by thousands

Pipe Flare's is open to everyone and does not require a narrow entry. In other words you don't have to be a gamer to use the platform you can just log in daily for your free 1FLR, ZEC and MATIC faucet offerings. That is how I started out. As the section heading states Pipe Flare uses either cryptocurrency or fiat if you want to purchase in game features. So for those people who are in areas where crypto is hard to access, use of credit of debit cards is available. The fact that they have kept this option is a great benefit for people who want to get into crypto in a safe way.

One of the first things I did was to upgrade my free account. It just was not enough for me to stay on the free option because I could see the potential of the business and I wanted to play games but I also wanted to earn as much of the 1FLR coin as possible because very soon that coin is going to rise in value and it has been rising as they keep adding exciting games and bonuses that you discover unknowingly when you play. So, it is 25USD per month for the top tier subscription and it allows you to earn from everything they have to offer such as airdrops, referral earnings multiplication, staking and faucet auto claiming etc. There are some in app purchases that are outside the monthly subscriptions such as powerups, purchase of premium referrals and NFTs that can be traded or sold on Opensea.

Commission Structure

All affiliates earn the following commissions:

Faucet Commissions: Every time someone you refer (Tier 1 to Tier 4) uses the faucet, you will also earn a percentage of their claim. (Tier 1 applies to your direct referrals, tier 2 refers to the referrals of your direct referrals, and so on.)

Game Commissions: Every time someone you refer (Tier 1) plays a game and wins a leaderboard reward, you will earn a percentage of their reward. Currently, the top 300 players win awards every week.

Store Commissions: Every time someone you refer (Tier 1) purchases anything from our referral store, you will earn a commission. The store is located here. The referral store is a great way for you and your friends to start earning income right away.

Subscription Commissions: Every time someone you refer (Tier 1) purchases a subscription to PipeFlare, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale.

Monthly Competitions: We have a monthly competition with over $300 in prizes. Entry is free, all you need to enter is to refer your friends to the site.

NFT Commission: You will earn 5% of any NFT purchases that your supporters make. You can visit our NFT Stock to see what they have in stock.

Staking Commission: You will earn 5% FLR Bonus for any FLR Tokens that your referrals Stake. So if your referral earns 100 FLR by staking their tokens, you will earn extra 5 FLR.

Game Play

Pipe Flare games are simple and easy to play. They are primarily arcade type and the graphics are rich and the difficulty levels are not discouraging. There are more than 10 games to play at the moment and independent game developers are adding more games consistently. There is news tat there will be some immersive games coming and I think that will be a significant game changer. My favorite game is Space Shooter which I earn about 1-2 dollars playing weekly when I can. I have a day job so this is merely a savings investment for me.

Pipe Flare Coin 1FLR) Prediction

In Games Earnings

Remember my in games earnings are based on a long term strategy and Professional subscription level. So it may appear that I am losing by paying 25 USD per month in the short term but I am earning interest daily from staking my coins. So if not No. 1 on the leaderboard then STAKE STAKE STAKE!!!

My 2X staking multiplier

My earnings automatically go to my ZEC and MATIC wallets on Atomic and Trust respectively. I purchased 122 referrals along with 24 I recruited and the referrals actually work. The higher the quality level of the purchased referral the higher the cost. A basic referral is 0.75 USD. I have a mixture of basic to premium level referrals.

Is Pipe Flare Worth the Time and Money?

In my opinion Pipe Flare is like purchasing a mutual fund or a pension fund. You know that you are earning daily based on what you invest but you know the real return is in the future if you just remain consistent. I don't expect that Pipe Flare alone with will make me rich based on current conditions but it very well could in the not too distant future. So, if you can afford it and you like the concept and the value the company is offering then why not start today with a low risk investment and grow with the company. Join Here

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