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How to Earn an Income by Travelling

I am not sure if you have seen this video that I am posting below and may be you are already in the money. I am still going to post it anyway because I think it is a great way to get started in cryptocurrency and it is free and you can earn money whilst having fun. The money that you earn from this opportunity as shown the video is actual money that can be exchanged for fiat currency. The crypto opportunity has so much potential that over One Million people have already jumped in.

Anyway, here is the video.

Making a Coin App Account

When you first open COIN, you’ll see a login screen. You'll want to make an account so you can redeem COIN that you earn! They will give you a bounty of 1,000 coins for signing up. Use a valid email to create a COIN Account. Use an email you check frequently; they will send confirmation emails for your future redemptions there! The Coin App simply allows you to earn coins by dowloading the application to your phone, turning on the location app,

Tap the pickaxe button at the bottom of your screen to make your first Geomine. As long as your tile has not been Geomined yet, you’ll see your rewards counter at the top of the screen increase. You should see this screen once you have downloaded the app.

Select a convenient Geomining mode that works for you. For me I chose the open exploration since I do a bit of driving and this is the first time my driving will pay dividends. Hooray!!! Even if you travel overseas by plane this will earn you huge rewards!

You can still earn coin even if you are not moving around but you will have to complete simple progessive activities to unlock these convenient features.

You can also earn more coin by HODLing, the more your HODL the more you earn. The current APR is 3.6%

Every time you Geomine the amount of COIN you earn will vary. Some tiles will even reward large amounts of COIN. These are called Big Geomines and hundreds of them happen every day!

If you update your COIN app, there is now a chance to witness when a fellow Geominer out in the world has struck big.

When this icon pops up on your screen, tap it! You will be brought to the Big Geomines page. Always try to click the geomines within 10 seconds to earn the most. People all over the world are clicking the same button on their apps to be FIRST. Make sure your GeoMine trigger finger is ready and fast!

Below is my geomine that I claimed. I was the 181st claim. Yes I was a bit late to the party but I still managed to get 0.06 coin. It is omportant to know that claims have a limit of 200 per geomine that is dropped. So no need to worry if you miss some. You will certainly get your chance at being number one.

Final Thoughts

I like Coin App. It is simple to use and fun and there several ways to earn within the App. You will have fun exploring the opportunities. Also remember to share your referral code to earn more

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