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How To Earn a Weekly Passive Income with Fozeus Franchise

Earning passive income online can be daunting but if you are passionate about offering something truly valuable to your customers or clients, it can be enjoyable and rewarding not only for you but for your team and that is what I have found with Fozeus Franchise

Fozeus Franchise is owned by Fozeus Empire incorporated in Tornimae tn 5 Tallinn, 10145 Estonia. It is a company that offers computer system design and related digital services like cryptocurrency investment, blockchain technology, payment services, NFTS, Web3 Gaming and more.

At level 1 any investor can start with only 20.00 USD of Fozeus Coin (FZS) or BUSD or Credit and Debit cards via the Mercuryo and Advan payment systems.

Your 20.00 dollars will be converted to Fozeus Coin and then entered in to the investment pool where you will earn 10% Weekly. In the screenshot below you can see my investment:

My 30% bonus for investing 100USD

As you can see my purchase is converted to 5 2658 FZS with a bonus of 30.00 USD converted to 1580 FZS.

Below you can see my FZS Coin now tranferred to the earning pool automatically on investment to earn for 1 month with interest credited weekly.

Earnings will be credited in a 75%/25% split. So when my 100.00 dollar investment matures on September 30th 2022 it will be 40 dollars of which 75% will be BUSD and 25% will be FZS.

My Investment Pool Breakdown

Currently Fozeus is offering an approved bonus on investments for a limited time starting from 100 USD. You have seen this first here as it has not been publically announced as yet. I literally met with the CEO today and this was what he said. Now you can have the added benefit to increase your earning.

$100 - $500 = +30%

(buy for $100, get for $130)

(buy for $200, get for $260)

(buy for $300, get for $390)

(buy for $400, get for $520)

(buy for $500, get for $650)

$600 - $1,000 = +50%

(buy for $600, get for $900)

(buy for $700, get for $1,050)

(buy for $800, get for $1,200)

(buy for $900, get for $1,350)

(buy for $1,000, get for $1,500)

$1,500 - $2,500 = +100%

(buy for $1,500, get for $3,000)

(buy for $2,000, get for $4,000)

(buy for $2,500, get for $5,000)

$3,000 - $5,000 = +130%

(buy for $3,000, get for $6,900)

(buy for $4,000, get for $9,200)

(buy for $5,000, get for $11,500)

$6,000 - $10,000 = +150%

(buy for $6,000, get for $15,000)

(buy for $7,000, get for $17,500)

(buy for $8,000, get for $20,000)

(buy for $9,000, get for $22,500)

(buy for $10,000, get for $25,000)

$11,000 - ... = +200%

You can increase your earning by making franchise sales through offering your referral link and educating your friends and clients about the Fozeus Ecosystem. The earning level is 20 levels deep with really great bonuses at the various qualified levels. If sponsors and leaders can build good teams they can earn bonuses such as:

  1. Tablets

  2. Apple Iphones

  3. Rolex watches

  4. Apple Computers

  5. First Class Airtravel and VIP Fozeus Events

  6. Gumball 3000 Exclusive Rally event with the Fozeus Team

  7. Dubai Apartment that can also be a rental asset

  8. Lamborghini Urus

All of these bonuses are achievable along with your passive team earnings. As we work together to build our Franchise business it will also make Fozeus Ecosystem one of the most enviable businesses globally with its other slew of products and services. To know more about the Fozeus Ecosystem and its Royalty Plans click here to see if this could be what you have been looking for.

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