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How to Earn a Passive Income with Deeper Network

The Lifetime VPN & Firewall for Internet Citizens


Who is Deeper Network Inc

Deeper Network Inc. was founded in 2018 with the vision of leveraging blockchain technology to empower the real users of the internet. Deeper Network is building both the Web 3.0 infrastructure of the future and an accessible gateway for everyone to join the revolution.

What is a Decentralised Private Network (DPN)

Similar to VPNs, Decentralized Private Networks (DPNs), or decentralized VPNs, also use encrypted tunnels to route web traffic, but they do this over decentralized rather than centralized networks. DPNs are serverless and distributed, ensuring higher security levels such that user data is not logged, hacked, or subpoenaed. In a decentralized private network such as Deeper Network or Mysterium Network, user devices act as both the client (like individual internet users) and server (like Amazon Web Services or Google). And the IP addresses automatically change based on their routing rules, establishing tunnels to other nodes all over the world. Decentralized private networks offer the same basic benefits as VPNs, but with additional advantages that include the negation of a central point of control. This means, there are no central points to attack and the network cannot be taken down. Users also have control over their data as no centralized provider has access to the information they were trying to protect. DPNs are making it to the market With users now more aware of the privacy issues and the problems around centralization of data and information, DPNs are becoming increasingly popular. Innovators in the blockchain and crypto space are already leveraging this demand to offer better protection to the netizens.

Why Use the Deeper Connect Nano

Many of us use, paid VPN connections on regular basis for accessing geo-restricted services like streaming sporting events of a country, some new web series, unblocking some websites that do not work in your region, or even just for the sake of good security and encrypted connection. But we have to renew our VPN service on a monthly or yearly basis and the connection works on a limited number of devices.

But, with Deeper Connect Nano, you just pay once and use it for a lifetime. How cool is that? Plus, this works on a DPN – Decentralized Private Network, which means the user data cannot be hacked, logged in and this makes this our network highly secured. The Deeper Connect Nano is the next-generation iteration of Deeper Connect Mini with the same great features as the Mini but in a more portable package. So you get all the great resources of the Mini but in a smaller package!

In a DPN Network the user acts as both the client and the server, to give you a better idea, here is an example.

There are three users accessing the DPN service in different regions, lets say Rodney lives in Barbados and Melissa lives in the USA & Chris lives in China, now Rodney wants to access some US-based shows, that are only available in the USA Region, Melissa wants to watch live Sports match that is available only in Barbados, and Ron wants to access Facebook.

Now Here’s what will happen in the DPN Network

  • Rodney`s Device will Connect to Melissa`s [US] IP Address

  • Melissa`s Device will connect to Rodney`s [Barbados] IP Address

  • Chris' Device will connect to some other users IP address, according to the region he has set in the portal.

Like this, there will be many users whose IP will be swapped and used, and the data transfer is encrypted, as there are no central servers, the data is not logged anywhere, this is a serverless network switching, which makes the DPN stand out of other technologies.

Why Would I want to Buy the Deeper Connect Nano

Well the reason why you want to purchase a Deeper Connect Nano beyond securing your internet connection, data network and being able to access out of region media is because it is also a miner of the the Deeper Network Coin (DPR). The value of DPR is currently USD0.06. DPR incentivizes users to actively contribute bandwidth to the network thus making the overall network more robust and optimised for everyone. This is will enable you to earn a passive income for years to come. The more bandwidth you are able to afford to the network the more DPR you will make! In addition the Nano also provides access to Decentralized Gateway Services and dAPP Store. Third-party developers need to stake a certain amount of DPR tokens to have their dAPPs hosted within the Deeper ecosystem. At the same time, third-party dAPPs must be able to accept DPR as a means of payment for services. It has also been said, that Deeper Connect will also be collaborating with Helium in the near future where your Nano will also mine Helium Coin (HNT) the current value of HNT is USD 12.41 per coin.

The current price of a Deep Connect Nano is currently USD299.00. Use my coupon and receive a 10% discount from Stack Social. If you decide to purchase your Nano should be delivered within a month. It takes that long because it is in high demand, plus there is also a global chip shortage due to the increase in cryptocurrency mining which was due to persons investing more in online and digital business because of the COVID19 Pandemic.

Final Thoughts

My take away here is decentralisation is here to stay. Decentralisation empowers and enables more people to participate in opportunities to which only a few persons control and have access in this centralised system. To see how technology is opening up doors for more people to live a better life is indeed a step in the right direction. I hope people see the value in what is being done and don't fear technology, but educate themselves and learn how to manage change. My Nano arrives on July 28th 2021 and I am stoked!

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