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Goku Market is Going Ultra Instinct

Don't miss this Great Opportunity to earn 250%

AI Trading Bots + GMC DeFi

AI Bot + DeFi is a combo of two products. One product is bot trading, which offers returns in USDT. Another product is DeFi, which offers returns in GMC. The AI Bot + GMC DeFi is a pre-launch offer to promote Goku Market across the community.

Algorithmic Trading Bots

Just choose which trading bot strategy you would like, add your funds, select how many days and click Subscribe and that is it. When you have profit simply withdraw!

The AI trading Bots allow everyone to sit back and relax. In contrast, the bots do all the trading with proven and tested trade strategies on major platforms like Binance Futures, Deribit Futures, and ByBit. At the same time, GMC, the ultimate DeFi E-commerce token, is enabled on platforms where users can borrow GMC to shop on GokuMarket E-commerce. The interest from these loans generates GMC returns.

How Does It Work?

When you subscribe for the AI Bot + GMC DeFi, Goku Market system it automatically adds your trading capital into the pool and selects the right algorithmic bot and trading pair based on the current market trend. This ensures the maximum returns, allowing Goku Market to confidently offer 125% total returns in USDT. Users have the option to pay with GMC for instant, classic, and advanced trading fees and more on GokuMarket. The overall fee collection and the distribution of GMC allows us to offer 125% returns in GMC. Users can also get an additional 12% APY in USDT when they stake their GMC returns from AI Bot + GMC DeFi in the GMC Vault. Please note that USDT/GMC AiBot or any other cryptocurrency offer can be affected by market fluctuations.

My Passive Income:


It's a Limited Time Offer

The AI Bot + GMC DeFi is a limited time pre-launch offer it can only be accessed by invitation from another GokuMarket registered user. This is a chance to make some money without needing a large sum upfront. After you click the button below, register, complete your KYC and then deposit USDT, BTC, ETH or BNB cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is 50USD.

How to Buy your Debit Card!

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