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Get Ready for Tax Season - Google Adsense

If you have a question about your specific tax situation, or if the IRS has placed a lien on your earnings, please contact the IRS directly (800-829-1040).


How can I make changes or void my 1099?:

Request a tax form revision

How can I access historical tax information?

● Please fill out this form

Why didn’t I receive a 1099?

This article contains eligibility requirements for receiving a 1099

● If you qualify for a 1099 and still haven’t received one, please reach out

Why is my 1099 different from previous years?

● This year, the IRS released a Form 1099-NEC.

This new form replaces amounts that were previously reported on a 1099-MISC, Box 7 (non-employee compensation)

Backup Withholding

As of June 2020, Google partners who submitted valid tax forms and selected that they are subject to backup withholding should no longer incur backup withholding provided they are receiving payments for royalties, services or similar income reportable under IRC 6041.

How will this update be reflected on my account?

● Tax credits added to your account will be displayed in your history as “Cancel: Backup Withholding.”

Will you refund any backup tax withholding for previous years?

● Google is generally not able to process refunds for backup tax withholding for prior years.

What if I want Google to continue to apply backup tax withholding to my payments?

● Google applies backup tax withholding only when legally required. Google’s application of backup tax withholding cannot be self-selected by a payee.

Important dates:

● End of January: 1099s were sent out

● If you haven’t received your 1099 or would like a revision, please request one here.

Managing Tax Information (TIN)

For the basics on how to submit tax information, please see here.

Common TIN matching issues:

● Entering EIN number when Federal Tax Classification is individual not business

Solution: Enter name and classification exactly as it appears on your income tax return.

● TIN and name combination does not match IRS records

Solution: Contact the IRS directly (800-829-1040)

● Submitting information for Single Member LLC

Solution: Submit tax information for disregarded entity.

How long will my payments be on hold for TIN matching issues?

● Verified before 21st of the month: payment eligibility for this month's payment cycle will not be affected.

● Resolved after 21st of the month: will be paid next month.

Disclaimer: This is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as tax advice. Please consult your own tax advisor.

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