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Game Playing Microwave?

Every now and then human beings make some amazing discoveries for the benefit of mankind and other times we just get it completely confused and spend enormous amounts of money and time creating things that we just don't need. When was the last time you had a brilliant idea only to realise that you really didn't (lol). I have certainly had those type of experiences. However, never discount your ideas, usually when you get that initiat gut feeling that you are onto something great we get that initial motivation, then to only let it go. This is where we need to follow through and really test our idea into a concept. I took this video from that shows how our messing about can lead to great discoveries.

Remember on June 10, 1752, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a thunderstorm and collects ambient electrical charge in a Leyden jar, enabling him to demonstrate the connection between lightning and electricity. ... Who does that? But we must thank him all the same!

Do we want to thank Alan Pan for this one?

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