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Freeway to Earn

Earn big on Superchargers denominated in your favourite crypto and fiat

Freeway Superchargers offer some of the highest annual rewards available anywhere in crypto — up to 43% — on BTC, ETH, USD and EURO (and up to 21.5% on BNB, ADA, DOT and Gold).

Detailed Review of FreeWay/Aubit

How to Buy Freeway Superchargers

As soon as you have passed KYC, you will see your Freeway dashboard. From here, you can choose to purchase the Superchargers of your choice and pay with any accepted cryptocurrency including BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT. OTC (over the counter) payment methods are also available for larger transactions. You can start with as little as $15 dollars USD. Debit and Credit Card purchases are coming soon.

How Does Freeway offer such high Rewards?

Freeway started with a simple idea. To make finance more rewarding for everyone. Using the power of people and blockchain, Freeway aims to give everyone more. More access, more control and more rewards. Giving everyone a shot at a better financial future. Wherever you live, whatever you earn, get ready for a world of more.

Freeway’s ground breaking rewards are backed by a heavyweight team, with experience of the likes of Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Google and IBM and more than 50 people globally.

Freeway’s unusually high rewards are pretty mind-blowing, but according to them; "it actually quite common in ‘big finance’ where the likes of hedge funds and institutions get to enjoy much higher profits. With our Freeway Supercharger simulations, we’re giving everyone a chance to earn the kind of rewards enjoyed by big finance."

Regulated Accounts

New Regulated Accounts from Freeway prime brokerage partner AuBit Prime will offer institutional-level custody and insurance. You will be able to Deposit your crypto and fiat to enjoy the same groundbreaking rewards up to 43% annually, and with even more peace of mind.

Stake FWT and Earn Rewards

Stake your Freeway Token (FWT) and earn 15-30% (estimated) annual rewards.

Your rewards are issued daily and added to your account in the Supercharger of your choice.

And from the moment they hit your account, your rewards will start earning daily rewards too.

The Management Team

My Colleague Mikey Robertson's Freeway Experience

Join Freeway

Tell a friend about Freeway and they will give you 8% of the annual rewards they earn each year for the first two years. And because your 8% comes directly from Freeway, your friends still receive their full annual rewards too, plus an extra 2%. The more, the merrier.

***Freeway Referral Rewards are provided by Freeway. Rewards are issued as part of its loyalty program on a best efforts basis and may change or cease at any time. Rewards are issued as USD denominated Superchargers. See Terms and Conditions for details.

Change your Financial Future Now!!!

Freeway Partners

My Take Away

Freeway is a company where you can be profitable and it seems to be legitimate. They are connected to legitimate partners and as we know in this industry reputation can make you or break you. Please use all the usual cautionary investment procedures. Mainly, Invest what you can afford to lose. Other than that this is a beautiful opportunity in which to invest. It is early days and the early bird catches the worm!

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