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Every Man Should Play Games

If you are a man you should play a few games it could be worth your while

From ancient times men have been playing games to pass time, to show their strength and courage and it is the same thing today, may be only more sophisticated. But games were limited and not for everyone as games in the past were for the more physically inclined and you had to be both strong as well as smart. This some how reminds me of the Spartans. This is Sparta, Gerard Butler screams!

However, the number of games has grown exponentially, advancing from only physical prowess to mental and strategic intelligence. Essentially, you beat me with your body, I will beat you with my mind. Board games have transition into a genre where you need herculean mental strength and intelligence, where physical strength is of no help. Now, the world has gone one step further and that is into the Web3, Defi Gaming, and last but by no means least the Metaverse.

So, let us pause here and notice that we now have a complete other world that is being formed where people are no longer interested in the real world but the virtual world, where they can be anyone and do anything. Do you find that exciting or dangerous? Let me know in the comments.

The fact is that some games in real life can be dangerous even if you are not exerting physical strength, people have been known to have epileptic seizures from prolong exposure to flashing images, yet the human desire to play games is not even minutely diminished. Playing games is a part of the human biology.

Some very savvy business people have turned playing games into an economically viable business opportunity, look at the NBA, the MLB, the WWF and all the other spinoff video games on PlayStation, XBOX etc.

With the development of blockchain and the decentralized network we are now seeing even further into the horizon of gaming where there is no need to buy a physical CD game title but now you can just engage on the network via your VR headset. Doesn't this remind you of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Total Recall or Japanese Sword Art Online? For all intents and purposes this is a very exciting and dangerous time in gaming as the internet itself is still practically a wild wild west of sorts and cannot be tamed easily and now it is moving into another iteration called Web3.0

But let us move away from the technical side a bit and talk about why we should play games especially now even if we are not gamers. An emerging fact is that the gaming industry is commercially viable and profitable. Not to say that gambling is to be directly compared to arcade and quest gaming, but you see that they are similar in their concepts. However, competitive gaming whether it be flying drones or competing in F1 Simulator are all paying handsomely if you are skilled enough. So may be you are not that type of gamer and you have a day job and you want to just kick back and earn some cash on the side when you are bored. Then there is that offering too.

Do you remember Axie Infinity and all the hype around that recently and people were making unrealistic money and then it plummeted... not because of the gaming concept but because of the economics. That is why some of these projects fail because they want they want the mother load in one day and in reality that is not sustainable. However, there are many other blockchain based gaming platforms and the one I want to encourage you to join is one that I have spoken about in my other posts. The one and only Pipe Flare To put it in summary, Pipe Flare is a play-to-earn crypto gaming platform powered by the Flare Token. You can play games, collect free tokens from their crypto faucet, claim airdrops, stake your earnings for even more earnings, compete in weekly leaderboards, and earn rewards with their referral program. You can also buy and sell limited NFTs on their NFT marketplace.

Pipe Flare continues to develop its offerings globally and it has something for everyone whether you are a hardcore arcade gamer, a casual gamer, an investor or just looking to get into cryptocurrency. There is something here that you can benefit from. Right now, I play my favourite game Space Shooter when I can, it is very addictive. What makes it more fun is that it seems with this particular game you can earn more 1FLR tokens than in other available games but I think it is because of the NFTs I hold which give me the opportunity to earn faster at certain points during game play. So the NFTs in this game are valuable and they can be sold in the market place if you don't need them anymore. See my NFTs below including my own NFT of my NISMO Note.

Ok, so I have come to the end of my rant as to why Pipe Flare is a really good gaming, investing, cryptocurrency, sustainable platform where you can earn money in a safe way, whilst having some fun. If you think that this can be added to your portfolio then click Join.

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