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Enter the ThreeFold of Clouding Computing

The ThreeFold is a place in the Cloud where you earn Income Plug and Play Style

The Problems of the Current Internet

Large corporations control today’s Internet. This centralized approach is highly inefficient, extremely costly, and unsustainable. We don’t own our data, and it isn’t safe. With your help, ThreeFold is going to give the world a new, better Internet. Here is what 3Fold outlines as the problem with the current internet:

Not Decentralized

  • More than 80% of today’s Internet infrastructure and 60% of its network is controlled by just a handful of companies.

Not Scalable

  • The current model is shaped around building more hyper-scale data centers that are inefficient and costly.

Not Secure

  • The current system’s pain-killer approach and complexity leaves it very vulnerable for hackers and data breaches.

Not Sustainable

  • The Internet consumes between 10%-20% of global energy supplies today, and this is increasing rapidly.

How Does ThreeFold Intend to Solve the Current Internet Inefficiency

Threefold's answer to the centralisation problem in short answer is to decentralise the internet, but as you know any good solution is not usually simple. The ThreeFold Grid is formed by a global network of independent farmers - people and organizations who expand internet capacity to where it is needed the most through the use of the 3Node Super Computer.

When you purchase a 3Node computer and join the ThreeFold you automatically become part of the new internet and the decentralised storage system. Below is a diagram of the simplicity of the 3Node computer. You are encentivised for your participation by being paid the native currency of the ThreeFold ecosystem called ThreeFold Token (TFT). The TFT is the currency of the Peer2Peer Internet - the ThreeFold Grid. It represents a unit of reservation of capacity (compute and/or storage) and is the official medium of exchange on the ThreeFold Grid. While farmers keep on expanding the ThreeFold Grid, the token economy is limited to 4 Billion tokens. This limit ensures stability of value and incentivization for all stakeholders.

How Much does it cost to invest in the 3Node?

The cost of the 3Node is reasonable as far as computers are concerned. Currently the price under a preorder basis is 900 euros/1,090 usd (inclusive of silent running fan) or 847 euros/1,026.00 ( regular cpu fan). The pricing in my opinion reflects the specifications being offered below. Plus the operating systems simplifies everything for the average person to use, not to mention earning a daily income. I am in the process of preordering my 3Node, because I believe that this is going to be a fantastic ride and I want to be an early adopter. Akash and Holo are already on the way, but I believe that ThreeFold will be a larger player than Holo and may be an equal competitor with Akash who has some awesome partners.

The Titan 3Node is no larger than a small shoebox – easy to fit in any location.

Partners of ThreeFold there are so many, but I only mentioned these three in the interest of time. But you can click the link and see the plethora of organisations behind this project with such major potential and critical use cases.

How Much Can I earn with a 3Node

Please click HERE to see the Return on Investment for purchasing one (1) Titan 3Node.

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