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Elevate Pass Weekly Cashback

Your bank will never pay you 3% weekly on your Savings!

Good morning from Barbados and Elevate Pass. It is Monday September 13th 2021 and it is Grand Launch Day. The sun is hot and do you know what is also hot? Elevate Pass! It is a new advertising company that offers more than advertising. Hope to see you inside today!

You can join Elevate Pass tonight at 8PM CEST via zoom:⠀⠀Or YouTube:⠀

Summary of 3% Cashback September 29th 2021

Summary of 3% Cashback November 3rd 2021

Summary of 3% Cashback November 10th 2021

Summary of 3% Cashback December 8th 2021

I did an earlier review of Elevate Pass only a few weeks go outlining how it works. Of course I received some disparaging comments from people in the network community but y0u know what, DYOR (Do your own research). I reached out to different people, checked youtube reviewers, blog reviewers and then I spoke to the CEO of the Elevate Pass himself. You can check the conversation I had with him on instagram in the blog . I don't get deep in the business. I get deep into the person to determine what type of person is managing the business. Is he a slime ball of scammer proportions or is he a proper human being and from the looks of it he seems to fit the principle of an ethical businessman. No one is perfect, not even your grandma!

But as CEO of Elevate Pass, Rafael Cebula has warmed my heart with his intent and transparent strategic plan and that is what is needed for Elevate Pass to be successful. He seems very genuine and all of his interviews have been very engaging with generally honest responses. Do you think that Elon Musk has become a billionaire by being honest? Think about that for awhile.

My Back Office Wallet September 29th 2021

My Back Office Wallet December 7th 2021 - My first withdrawal

Will update as soon as it hits my Atomic TRX Wallet

Above you can see a revenue projection based on my current adpack value of 210.00 over a period of 25 weeks at a cashback rate of 2.5% with compounding. It gives a total profit of 158.68 on my 210.00 for a total of 368.68. The maximum is 3% cashback but I decided to be conservative because trading will certainly not always make that 3% weekly target.

My 3rd Week at Elevate Pass

I started out with 10.00 worth of TRX when I was testing Elevate Pass a few weeks ago and after speaking with Rafael, I decided to purchase 20 more adpacks amounting to 200.00 worth of TRX. On each of my adpacks I am rewarded up to 3% weekly Cashback. Essentially, this 3% weekly cashback profit, is a reward to adpack holders which is based on Elevate's trading performance. You can check the latest results in my other post. Also check the below video for a summary of trading for the week ended September 2nd 2021.

Trading Summary September 16th 2021

Referral Strategy

I have 12 referrals in my list with only one of them purchasing adpacks and he is now moved into my team and this is presented above as earned team bonus of 5.90. As my other referrals purchase adpacks my earnings will increase. But without my referrals my intent is to increase my adpacks and make my earnings from the trading income offered by Elevate Pass.


In addition, don't forget I have other businesses which I want to advertise as well and that can be done in the Advertising Portal on the website. All of this will be fully functional on September 13th 2021.

My advertising credit in this case is the same 210.00 that i used to purchase adpacks. I expect that this will be beneficial to all entrepreneurs because there will be like minds using Elevate Pass to both earn and advertise. It makes sense that Elevate Pass will become a business hub to hear and see all of the quality online projects and companies where you can increase your passive income.

I am enjoying the pre launch and I know I will enjoy the main launch as well. You can be an early bird, join Elevate Pass, test it for yourself. It only requires 10.00 of the following cryptos: I usually tell people to use TRX or LTC as recommended because they are fast blockchains and their fees are low. In terms of withdrawals I have not done so yet as I am building my funds for re-entry and this is a good approach when you have limited funds.

The minimal withdrawal depends on which crypto currency you wish to withdraw. Therefore, you can deposit with XRP and withdraw BTC or any other configuration once it is available as listed here.

  • BTC min: $200, fee: $25

  • ETH min: $200, fee: $10

  • LTC min: $10, fee: $0.17

  • TRX min: $5, fee: $0.07

  • XRP min: $10, fee: $0.05

  • XMR min: $10, fee: $0.05

  • USDT (ERC20) min: $200, fee: $10

  • USDT (TRC20) min: $50, fee: $1

Finally, it has been a good three weeks and it is going to get better as we move towards the Grand Launch and as Elevate Pass grows and expands. There is so much more that is happening behind the scenes, but I want you to check out the website for yourself and see what is in store for all of us! Elevate your life, Elevate your Finances. See you inside!