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Earning a Passive Income with HyperFund

Triple your onetime membership fund in Twenty Months!

What is Hyper Fund

Hyperfund is a subsidiary of the the HyperTech group of Blockchain companies. Hyperfund is located in California, USA, and has been in business since March 30, 2015, when it was founded.

Hyperfund is a constructed DeFi ecosystem that will provide a completely decentralized financial infrastructure for all digital currency users. HyperFund will devote itself to developing quality blockchain projects, lead the strategic direction of Fintech, and aims to make more contributions to the blockchain industry.

HyperTech Group has launched the HyperFund – Ogilvy Plan to build a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. The aim is to provide a holistic decentralized financial infrastructure. Ryan Xu, is the Chief Consultant of HyperTech Group, and will be heavily involved in the project.

How HyperFund works

HyperFund is a crypto wallet / exchange with HU currency (1HU = $ 1). H stands for Hyper, U for USD, dollar. HU is a stablecoin issued by HyperFund, the value of which is linked to the dollar.

There are no HUs in the market, so they must first be converted internally to the platform, but only when you want to withdraw.

By depositing USDT you receive the equivalent in HU. Memberships are bought with HU.

The membership are of 3 types: 300, 500, 1000 HU. As soon as the membership is purchased, the HUs are automatically multiplied x3. Example, I buy 1000 HU membership and get 3000 HU.

We cannot immediately withdraw or convert the 3000 HU, they are blocked tokens , but we are paid 0.5% of the $ 1000 daily , which is deducted from the total of $ 3000 until the exhaustion of this $ 3000, which corresponds to the reward we will receive gradually.

If we start with 1000 HU, every day we receive 5 HU (0.5% of 1000). In 200 days we will therefore receive a total of 1000 HU that can be withdrawn (5 HU x 200 days = 1000 HU), recovering our investment .

You can withdraw them after reaching at least 50 HU (10 days in the case of a $ 1000 purchase, 20 days for the $ 500, etc.), which corresponds to $ 50 (minus the crypto transaction fees if you withdraw).

In 200 days we will unlock the initial investment, and in 600 days, about 20 months, 1 year and 8 months, we will complete receiving our x3, that is $ 3000 . At this point the mechanism stops, as we have received the promised $ 3000.

You therefore received $ 3000 / 20months = $ 150 monthly, i.e. 15% monthly interest on the invested capital of $ 1000, tripling our initial capital.

Hyperfund doesn’t give you $ 3000, it gives you 3000 HU, a stablecoin used for internal company trading. Once accumulated, you can convert the HUs into a company token regularly listed on various exchanges (currently the MOF – Molecular Future), then it’s up to you to transfer them to your wallet and sell them on the market. Basically, the company does not pay you, but the market. Should MOF crash where does that leave the investor, since HU has no value in the actual market.

Is it a Safe Company?

The company is a member of: The California Association for Financial Professionals, Industry Advisory Board Member at Wealth Management Magazine and Companies We Like to Work With program by Invest National Network LLC (INN), International Franchisee Ambassador Program in Australia – Asia Pacific Region 2016 Winner Silver Awardee from Franchising World Best Practice Awards 2017/2018- Small Company Category Listing on TRUSTPILOT® list since 2014 as well as being registered under an active license status issued out of Newark CA, USA, which expires 2021.

What I don't See and What I want to Know?

What other partnerships is Hyperfund involved in and whatever happened to HyperCapital? Is this just a rewarming of soup that has been spilled. The fact of the matter is that Hyperfund seems very selfcontained within its group of companies which by the way you cannot find much information on. I find that a little disconcerting for an entity that is supposedly so large in the cryptospace. Honestly, it smells like multilevel marketing and that means there is a fish somewhere and I don't want to be holding catfish in the end. I prefer my fish to be well prepared. Although the founders may have been involved in other projects which are legitimate this does not mean that Hyperfund doesn't seem pyramidic in its construct. I compare the Hyperfund ecosystem to the Binance ecosystem and it just seems obscure compared to Binance even with all of Binance's compliance challenges ongoing at the moment. At this time, you cannot obtain the currency of Hyperfund outside of the Hyperfund ecosystem. HU or Hyper USD is the native currency of the Hyperfund project. In order to invest into the Hyperfund you must deposit USDT or as it is formallly called Tether.

This morning I was advised that the HyperTech group through HyperFund is invested into over 200 mainstream blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and this does speak somewhat to longevity, so why not just not go the required route and just establish a regulatory frame work.

Who are the Founders of HyperTech and the HyperFund

The CEO of HyperFund is Jayden Wei and the Founder is Ryan Xu.

Listed below are brief professional bios of these men and their contribution to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Jayden Wei is an experienced fund manager with extensive experience and strong track record in technological investments from running his own start-up incubator as well as being in charge of Australia’s first blockchain venture capital fund.

His success lies in his deep passion for digital technology; he believes that blockchain technology will revolutionise the digital economy while also making considerable impact on the traditional economy which still faces issues regarding privacy, transparency and efficiency. In recent years, he is primarily involved in promoting wider and better use of technology across the world and has worked extensively with the government of Australia, United Kingdom and the Philippines amongst others. Accolades and positions of Jayden.

  • —— CEO of HyperTech Group

  • —— Executive Director of CollinStar International

  • —— Star Crypto Investment Highlights include:

  • —— QTUM (19037% returns)

  • —— Aeternity (12400% returns)

  • —— OmiseGO (8047% returns)

  • —— Led the investment teams of several renowned blockchain investment companies such as Blockchain Ventures and Finovition Investments

  • —— Invited by the Australian Trade Council (Austrade) as a member of the Australian delegation to attend the 2017 Consensus Conference in New York (Consensus 2017)

Ryan Xu is the founder of Collinstar Capital in Australia, and is a famous investor and entrepreneur in the Blockchain space. He is also the founder of Bitcoin Development Foundation, and a member of Asia’s DACA Blockchain Association, and a member of the China Bitcoin Roundtable Forum. Together with Xiaolai Li, Hongcai Guo, Jihan Wu, Ryan enjoys the symbolic title as one of “China’s four Bitcoin Kings”.

  • —— Founder of Hcash

  • —— Founder of Collinstar Capital

  • —— Angel investor of 12 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies

  • —— Angel investor of Binance,

  • —— Author of CCTV recommended blockchain bestseller: "Link to the Future"

  • —— Major shareholders of five listed companies

Sam Lee is currently the Chairman of the HyperTech Group of Companies. He was once crowned the “Crown Prince of Bitcoin” in Australia. He has successfully led the company to complete the incubation and investment of 80 blockchain-related start-ups, with a total investment value of more than 300 million US dollars.

In 2014, Sam Lee founded the Blockchain Centre, the world’s first nonprofit blockchain center, dedicated to promote education and publicity of blockchain knowledge on a global scale. With the government cooperation of Australia, China, Russia, Lithuania, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and other countries, branch center is set up now in 13 countries and 16 cities around the world.

He was invited to participate in Davos World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the Future Investment Initiative, APAC Blockchain, Consensus and other international meetings, to deliver keynote speeches on blockchain. He has done multiple domestic and foreign media interviews for Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC, CCTV, One TV, The Australian, China Daily and CBN, etc.

So, I have said all of this to let you know these people are not sitting somewhere in their 5x8 bedrooms trying to scam anyone. These are highly researchable public figures who have invested their time and personal fortunes to bring more equity into the world in the pursuit of a better lifestyle.

What are the Products and Services of the HyperTech Group

  • HyperPay – MultiEcology digital wallet integrates several functionalities into one single platform, so you can manage everything in one place

  • HyperFIN – Providing comprehensive digital financial services

  • HyperBC – HyperBC is more than a bank for the future. It’s also an encrypted asset custody service that will give you peace of mind in this ever-changing landscape

  • HPX – The HPX, or the High-Performance Exchange will provide users with transactions that are both fast and secure. The new currency exchange is going to be a major boon for those in need of quick cash without having to worry about their personal information being stolen by hackers who target these exchanges on a regular basis.

  • HyperMining – Provides high-speed, low-energy computing chips and mining machines that make mining simple and efficient.

  • HyperTalk – Blockchain instant messaging software for the crypto world.

  • Hyper News – An additional Blockchain instant messaging software for the crypto world

  • HyperMall – A digital mall that lets people spend their money from anywhere on anything they want. It does this by running transactions through smart contracts, leaving you with no need to convert your cash into cryptocurrency beforehand

  • HyperSHOW – A Livestream content platform that uses AI and natural language processing to always provide the most engaging, creative show for viewers.

Final Take Away

Hyperfund is a high risk high reward investment project and it does have a pyramid type structure. Many thousands of people believe in and support the HypeTech Group and HyperFund. It is stated that it is not an investment, but a membership driven business; it is not regulated by any major financial conduct authority and all risks and rewards are at the investor. However, it is my updated understanding that it is audited by KPMG's Audit firm. I am still following this developement. However, its founders also appear to be solid investors and long time cryptocurrency developers with decent and professional reputations globally. However, the consideration that the internally traded coin HU has no value in the market is a concern. If you decide to invest just make sure you do your own research first and only invest what you can afford to lose. If you want to check it out then click the button.