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You don't Need to be Trader to Earn with

Binance Intro

I am sure that most people have heard of or the American version If you have not heard of it Binance is one of the most popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the world if not the most popular. As of April 2021, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume and this all happened in under 180 days. Binance, the company was founded in September 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, Yi He Changpeng is currently the CEO. CZ as he likes to be called is a Chinese-Canadian coder who made his mark building high-frequency trading systems for Wall Street's flash boys.

Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB was originally issued as an ERC-20 token, running on the Ethereum network, with a total supply of 200 million coins. 100 million BNBs were offered in the ICO, but the current total supply is lower due to periodic burning events, in which Binance destroys BNB held in its treasury. If you want to know more about coin burns, and why BNBs are being permanently destroyed, check out What Is a Coin Burn?.

What is BNB used for?

BNB has many use cases both within the Binance ecosystem and elsewhere, so it is up to you to decide how to use your BNB. For instance, you can use BNB to pay for your travel expenses, buy virtual gifts, and much more. It is estimated that millions of BNB had been consumed by users for travel expenses, payment of goods, for lending, for rewards, to create smart contracts, and for other transactions. Many people also use BNB to pay transaction fees. On just the trading platform, approximately two million users have used BNB to pay for trading fees totaling more than 40 million BNB on more than 127 billion trades.

How to use Binance Earn to earn a Passive Daily Income

If you are not interested in trading but still looking to increase your crypto holdings? Is the 0.05% APY that your local bank offers on your savings account not exciting enough? Well, you’ll surely find something appealing within the Binance Earn product suite. Binance Earn is your crypto savings account. Here, you’ll find a great variety of options for earning passive income with your crypto holdings.

You may have come across this famous quote by esteemed investor Warren Buffett:

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Getting Started

Whether you’re a crypto HODLer or trader, you have plenty of choices to earn passive income in the cryptocurrency space. One of these ways is lending – and good news; it is incredibly easy to do on Binance! What makes lending very convenient is that you can enjoy gains regardless of how the wider market is performing.

Binance Earn is a complete suite of financial products that you can use to increase your crypto holdings. You can think of it as your crypto savings account. The difference between a regular savings account and this one is that crypto is capable of so much more!

My First Favourite

Flexible Savings lets you earn interest on your funds. It’s really easy to use, and not surprisingly, it gives you great flexibility! You can deposit your funds, earn interest, and redeem them at any time.

So, if you’re holdings some money in your Spot Wallet, why not deposit it into the Flexible Savings account? Since you can access it any time, it’s easy to make those funds work for you while they’re not being used elsewhere.

Note that the interest will not be calculated on the day you subscribe to a Flexible Savings product. Instead, the first interest payment is calculated from the next day after your subscription.

My Second Favourite

BNB Vault is a BNB yield aggregator that combines Flexible Savings, BNB DeFi Staking and Launchpool to give you the best APY returns. It’s very easy to start earning with BNB Vault.

After staking your BNB, you will receive BNB Vault assets. The interest will start to calculate on the second day and rewards are distributed to your account on a daily basis.

You can redeem your funds at any time via two methods: fast redemption and standard redemption. The fast redemption allows you to redeem your BNB on the same day you make the request, but you will lose the interest accrued on that day. The standard redemption will return your funds on the next day, but you will still be entitled to the interest accrued on that day.

My Third Fave

Fixed Savings offer you better returns but less flexibility to access your funds. The difference here is that you’ll set a predetermined duration for your funds to accrue interest. Why is this better? Well, this will give you generally higher interest rates than Flexible Savings products since the term and interest rate are both fixed.

Fixed Savings products can range from 7 to 90 days. So, if you know you won’t need some funds elsewhere for a certain period of time, you can lock them to earn a higher APY.

Lending activities are special events that pop up from time to time under the Activities tab. These generally have a capped supply, meaning you’ll need to be quick to subscribe. These can offer even higher returns than Fixed Savings usually does.

Otherwise, we could say that these lending products are quite similar to Fixed Savings. But, since they’re only available from time to time, you can get higher rewards if you keep up with what’s happening. Make sure to keep an eye on the announcements to secure your slot!

Locked Staking - By simply holding Proof of Stake coins in your Spot Wallet, you can earn staking rewards on your holdings – great, simple. However, there’s also a way to earn higher rewards on staking.

If you commit your PoS coins to be locked for periods ranging from 7 to 90 days, you can earn a higher reward. This is essentially the same deal as Flexible vs. Fixed Savings, only with staking.

In addition, some coins will also allow you to do a Flexible Lock, where you commit your funds for staking, but you still maintain the ability to withdraw if you want to.

By now, you’ve probably heard about Binance Launchpad, right? It’s a token launch platform where promising projects can get funded by the userbase of Binance through a process called an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). You probably also heard about yield farming, or liquidity mining, where users lock up funds to liquidity pools to “mine” a new token.

So what do you get when you put an IEO and yield farming together? Launchpool. You can lock up your BNB, BUSD, and other cryptocurrencies to get a share of a new token that's being launched on Binance. Sometimes, tokens will even launch both on Launchpad and Launchpool at the same time.

Launchpool is a great way to earn some passive income, as the cost of getting the new tokens is only the opportunity cost of locking your tokens. Even so, you can redeem them at any point during the event.

My Final Thought...

I hope you can see that Binance is a company not only for traders, but for people in general who are looking for opportunities to make their money work for them. The banks as I have written above cannot match what the crypto space is offering. As Warren Buffet said above, please wake up and put your money to work so that you don't have to work as hard.

If your agree with me then start to day by:

Signing up with Binance

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