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Earning Big with Elevate Pass

Could this be the next big thing in Cryptocurrency?

What is the easiest way to become wealthy in the cryptospace? Just remember it is not a walk in the park. Many crypto influencers will probably tell you: Just HODL Bitcoin. That’s all you have to do. Sounds sensible. If there is Bitcoin to be HODLed! Right?

So what is the best way to obtain Bitcoin? You can certainly buy some. If you have the cash! A much more cost-efficient way to get Bitcoin would be earning and compounding it!

I would like to introduce you to a unique opportunity which will assist you in building a passive income whilst also earning commissions through referrals.


Elevate Pass

Elevate Pass offers ad packs that will generate weekly cashback profit through stable and legitimate crypto trading.

You will basically buy an advertising pack which starts with only $10. For each pack you will receive an advertisement credit on the platform.

You can use the advertisement credit to promote anything you wish on their crypto news portal.

The Whose Who of Elevate Pass

CEO – Rafael Cebula

"Speaker, Youtuber, Networker, Coach, Mentor, but what is most important, an Entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience in the Online World. He started his journey in affiliate marketing while still working a 9-5 job in a corporate world, but he knew that for true freedom he needed to leave corporate and focus on his own vision. One of the most important things for Rafael is having different income sources, portfolio of businesses and freedom of choice." Don't we all want that! Go Rafael!

How do Elevate Pass Ad Packs work?

Each package will contribute to a Trading Fund which is based on Crypto Trading.

You can earn up to 3% weekly cashback profits on your packs!

Every package expires after reaching 200% profit. This also includes your weekly cashback profit, direct referrals and matrix commissions.

Example: You buy a $1000 worth of ad packs. Your maximum earning potential on this packs is $2000. A realistic scenario could be that you earn $1200 passively, $300 in direct commissions and $500 in matrix commissions. Your packs will automatically expire and you will have 72 hours to either compound or buy new packages, if you want to continue earning with Elevate Pass.

How does Crypto Trading work?

Currently, the trading funds will be divided into:

  • AI Trading which includes spot and futures trading

  • Spot Trading by a professional trading team

Your cashback rewards will be credited every Wednesday and can be withdrawn anytime.

Deposits and Withdrawals can be made with any of the cryptocurrencies below:

How does the Compensation Plan work?

Elevate Pass has a very easy to understand Compensation Plan. There are three different commission types:

  • Direct Commission

  • Matrix Commission

  • Career Bonus

Direct Commission 10%

For every pack bought by a person which you invite directly, you will receive 10% direct commission on each pack.

Matrix Commission 1.8%

You will receive 1.8% on each pack bought within your structure, even if they are not your direct referrals!

Elevate Pass features a 2 x 22 matrix which can potentially fit 8 million members!.

Example: You have 5,000 members in your matrix. Every member contributes $200 in average. Your total sales volume will be $1,000,000. Your total commission will be 1.8% of $1,000,000 which is $18,000.

  • Remember you can only access your referral link if you are an active member with at least 1 adpack!

Career Plan

Elevate Pass features a very competitive career plan that earns your lucrative career bonuses.

As soon as you buy an ad pack you unlock a Ground Floor which opens 4 levels in your matrix.

You can unlock more levels by reaching higher floors. To reach a higher floor you need to earn a certain amount of direct and matrix commissions. This will also make you earn a career bonus!

Elevate Foundation

Elevate Pass will share a percentage of their profits and also gives members the opportunity to contribute to Elevate Foundation that will support various charities around the world. The main focus will be on several smaller charities that want to support people, animals and climate change.

A Very Objective Review

Another Member Experience at ELevate Pass

My Conversation with Elevate's CEO Rafael Cebula

My Back Office (updated)

Elevate Pass Weekly Trading with Mark Verdellen

Monday September 13th 2021

My Take Away

Elevate Pass is a business that has a lot of potential, unfortunately it may have been indirectly related to InpulsX but the CEO of Elevate has outlined in my coverasation above that Elevate's business is not related to the ImpulsX Fiasco. I did also discover that ImpulsX is still in operation but without the worthless token it promoted. On another note Mark Verdellen the Cofounder of ImpulsX is not a founder of Elevate but was rather hired for his Finance and Trading expertise. If this is a good idea or not after what happened with ImpulsX and Polaris I am unsure. But I like Rafael's vibe and his vision for Elevate Pass. People continue to join Elevatet Pass by the thousands and I think the opening is going to be phenomenal, they are already earning up to 3% weekly on their advertising packs. Get in now don't wait!

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