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Earning 300% in 16 months with Omega Pro

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I have not posted on Omega Pro in awhile but I have been busy with my 9-5. Yes, I still have a day job because it supports my passion, However, there will come a time when I will not need the 9-5 and then I can decide if I want to continue or not, so until such time the hustle is on!

Well as I said, I have been busy looking around for legitimate, passive and profitable businesses and projects from which to earn an income. I don't know if you know this but most millionaires have at least 7 income streams. It takes a lot to be a millionaire. So don't mind the get rich quick talk, some of that is inherited but if you trace back far enough you will see sacrifice and hard work.

So enough of that and onto what I have found for us to sink our teeth in. Well in my last post I reviewed Elevate Pass and had a number of discussions with the CEO Rafael Cebula about his company's potential and although people are talking about afiliations with ImpulseX. I personally think it is great project and have invested into it myself.

Omega Pro

Anyway, today's sweetspot is a three year old business called OMEGAPRO. I was introduced to this business by a friend in the neighbouring island of Trinidad and Tobago and I didn't need to hear too much to understand that the program is solid. Don't think that I just went in blindly however, I never put all my eggs in one basket and I know that any reward received is as great as the risk taken. Please see the introduction video from Omega Pro and few of the people from across the world who are actively earning passively.

The Essence of Omega Pro

Omega Pro is a passive income portal that utilises forex to produce a profitable system of earning. Its main source is through forex trading so far. All anyone has to do is purchase a license which affords the investor all of the assigned benefits under that particular license. In my case I bought two Beginner Forex Licenses as pictured below for 200USD. I have selected compounding for 16 months as you can see below with a total earning of 1,000USD. Earnings become withdrawable once my balance hits USD50.00. I won't be withdrawing yet though. I will be letting it ride for awhile and compound it some more. I will then look to upgrade to larger packages. So once all goes well it will be a risk worth taking.

Trading Result at August 31st 2021 for Crypto now Transferred to Forex

Crypto trading was disbanded in late 2021 because Omega could not comply with regulatory trading requirements. Funds from cryptotrading were either transferred to forex or were withdrawn at the discretion of the member.

Trading Result as at May 5th 2022

Trading Result as at August 6th 2022

Trading Result as at August 15th 2022

My Second Start up License 27th September 2021

My First Start up license August 30th 2021

My First Start up license Earnings - August 16th 2022

Available Forex Packages

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Start your journey with a Start Up License for just 100.00 in BTC.


How to Purchase your Trading Package

Reviewing Daily Trading Output

Bitcoin Withdrawal

My Take Away

I am a risk taker and I also trust my caribbean Island neighbour on this one. They have been speaking with the VP of Omega Pro to verify that this business is viable and reliable. So far they have been reaping the rewards for the last two years without any issues. If you are like me you know that you have to take everything into context when you are investing online. These businesses make it relatively easy for the average person to make money. No risk No reward. No Retreat No Surrender. We have to make it not just for ourselves but for our families. If we don't try the usual routine of the rich getting richer will continue to happen. Help yourself take the chance like I did. Don' take up your rent money or food money or money set aside for your children, but budget a little to invest and come onboard at OMEGA PRO

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