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Do you have a BXN Blackfort Wallet or Node?

Blackfort is the new BLOCKCHAIN 3.0 ECOSYSTEM that allows you to become the owner of a LIFETIME VALIDATION NODE and earn BXN COIN currency for LIFE.


At a time when the crypto space is reeling from all the scandal there are still some real innovators emerging from the flash burn of FTX. Lessons have been learned and greed has been dealt a blow but that battle is never over.

Anyway, today I want you to know I have been scouring the internet for what is good. It seems good is hard to find! What I have found is a SAFE company called Blackfort. Blackfort wallet and exchange offers a secure and user-friendly option for managing and exchanging your cryptocurrency. It also provides and opportunity for you to earn its native coin called BXN coin currently valued at 0.02 Euros.

You can download your Blackfort wallet from google store or apple store at your convenience.

If you are looking to make money in a manner that is relatively safe, as usual investment protection rules apply, then you need to watch the below video to see how you can passively earn BXN coin.

This is not for everyone, but those who like crypto and want to expand their horizon then this is definitely an easier way to start.

See the introductory video from Blackfort

How to Join BlackFort

  • Just click on the registration link, that you have received from your referrer!

  • Enter your details.

  • Accept Terms of Service.

  • Accept Privacy Policy.

  • Click „Create Account“ You will receive an email from Blackfort with a Activation link.

  • Click on it.

  • Now you can Log in to your Blackfort back office. Go to the website

  • Enter your username or e-mail address.

  • Enter Your Password

  • Click Login.

  • Your registration is complete!

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