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Burning Mars without a trace!

Mars is the next frontier for human existence, but its occupation is doomed if settlers replicate the systems failing Earth today. The self-sustaining technologies of solar power, cryptocurrency and the radical self-reliance philosophies of the Burning Man movement are the socio-techno-economic tools that Martians will need for a resilient and zero environmental impact world.

For that reason, in the spirit of Communal Effort, Sun Exchange is launching their most radical solar project yet. We are bringing solar power to Burning Mars…. on Mars

Scheduled for 2026, Burning mars will mark the birth of civic responsibility on the planet, so it must be 100% solar powered. However, with Mars being so much further from the life-giving forces of our star, it will require twice as many solar panels to produce the same amount of energy than is required Earth. It is more efficient to capture solar energy from Earth’s surface and transmit it to Mars, but this presents a major technical challenge. Sun Exchange is ecstatic to announce that their solar engineers have now solved this problem having just completed the development of a photovoltaic concentrator that can capture solar energy here on Earth, and send it as a super high powered laser beam to the Red Planet over 54.6 million kilometers away.

To prevent laser beam divergence over distance, theirteam has created an entirely new light waveform called ‘Fractal Oscillating Organic Luminosity.’

In this process, the laser is split into a double helix structure and rotated at light speed, exerting a centripetal force onto the photons preventing them from scattering over time and space. Orbiting self-cleaning mirrors will reflect the 1.4TW laser beam to a receiving station on the Burning Mars Playa, where it’ll be converted back into electricity to meet all energy needs. This is the first Sun Exchange project to provide free energy to another celestial body, and you can and should be involved. The Sun Exchange community has always been at the forefront of putting cutting edge technology to work for the good of the planet. This time it is no different, just a different planet.

Join the community! Live Long and Prosper!

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