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Be prepared for anything with this Auto survival kit

Every Vehicle should have this Kit for Emergency Situations

In today's environment, we should always try to be prepared for the unexpected. Not only should we be prepared but we should also be quick in our response to our situation. What am I talking about? Well I am referring to when you are on that long dark road and you get a flat tyre and your phone signal is weak or your GPS is not working and there are not very many friendly faces around to help. Don't say it, "he is referring to women only." Actually, I am referring to anyone who has experienced this sort of incident. Technically, even if you have new tyres they can still be deflated by bumps in the road or through aggressive driving. You can also pick up metal nails, screws or pieces of shrapnel that can and will puncture your tyre.

Bottom line here is that you want to be out and back in the vehicle in a few minutes of changing the tyre and getting back to your trip. Now we have all seen how the pit teams do it in Formula 1 or Nascar and it is quite impressive, do not expect the same results from the members of your family that are touring with you. As a matter of fact they may not even know how to help and that may just frustrate the situation more.

So if the tyre is flat and you have a spare, I hope you have a spare?! Then changing off the punctured tyre is going to be less of a sweat. For those of you who don't know how to change a tyre here is short video just in case.

Changing a Flat Tyre

How to Change your Tyre the Easier Way

Traditional tyre changing requires you to put in significant manual effort however, with the advancement in technologies, we now don't have to do all the heavy lifting. Welcome to the time of electrification of everything where necessary and even unnecessary. Check out below the 12volt electric motorised kit that allows you to change your punctured tyre or jack up your vehicle like a professional whether day or night. This entire kit still fits neatly in your trunk.

Motorised Jack

Powered Impact Wrench

Inflator Pump

Video of the Emergency Set in Action

Key Points to Take Away

Always be careful when using any equipment, after all they are still man made. Do not go under the vehicle when it is on propped on a manual or motorised jack. In the event you are changing a tyre loosen the nuts of the wheel when the car is still on the ground. Afterwards you can fully remove them with your hand when the vehicle is jacked up. Once you become familiar with your kit you will be breezing through tyre changes.

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