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7 Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad's Big Day

Hey Guys, don't forget that Mothers' and Father's Days are coming up soon and with the fact that some people have been separated from their parents due to the pandemic or some other challenge, you will want them to still feel appreciated since you may not have seen them in person for awhile. If you see your parents in person that is great and you should really cherish them! I lost my Mum and Dad in 2017 and 2018 respectively and all I can say is there is nothing like losing your parents, but God has helped me through the grief and accepting the reality of it all.

But I am not sad about it anymore, Although I do miss them, I am glad that they are in a better place than here in the pain and challenges of sickness and old age. So again, I say cherish your parents whilst you have them. As a matter of fact cherish the time that you have with all your loved ones.

So with Mothers' Day and Fathers' day coming up we want them to feel especially special this year. I mean it has been extra ordinary since 2020 and 2021 is showing some signs that it could be another curve ball. But we want to take the time out of our firefighting activities to let our parents know that we love them. Now, let me state very clearly although I am giving 10 gift ideas, these are just some opinions of mine as a modernist, but old school is good and being creative is excellent, money doesn't always buy the best tokens of appreciation. I know as a little boy, I made some really creative gifts that my parents absolutely loved even though they were made with crayon and paper (lol) then again they were my parents they had to love my modern works of art!

The Gifts

Let's get to it then on my 7 special Mothers and Fathers' Day gifts

  1. Spending Quality Time: with your parents seems to be lesser of a feature in these modern times as children move away from home form their own families and become busy for the rest of their lives with their own nuclear family situation. However, on Mothers' and Fathers' day we are going to bring all of the family together to serve Mum and Dad

  2. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit for $25: There's a meditative quality to caring for a bonsai tree. Careful watering and pruning of the tree can calm and clear the mind, and little rituals performed regularly can be an indispensable way to maintain mental health. This kit comes with pruning shears and enough seeds and pots to grow four bonsai trees. This may not be available in all markets. But if you understand the concept of giving it could be another tree that is available in your country.

  3. AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden for $130: Your folks don't need a garden, or even an outdoor space, to grow herbs. The AeroGarden does it all on the kitchen counter. They just need to add the included soil, fill up the water tank, and add the included seed pods (parsley, Thai basil, Genovese basil, thyme, mint, and dill). The control panel will remind them when to add water to the unit, when to add plant food, and will automatically turn the growing lights on or off as needed.

  4. Roku Premiere for $34: The Premiere works with TVs that have up to 4K resolution and are HDR-compatible. Roku is our favorite streaming service because it's fast and you can get practically any app or channel on it. If they don't need 4K, or if you want to give them a swankier model, such as one they can plug headphones into, check out our guide to picking a Roku. The Premiere is also available from Walmart.

  5. Free Standing Hammock: This comfortable and trendy hammock swing is the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space. The stand offers convenience by allowing you to hang your favorite hammock anywhere you’d like! It provides superior strength while keeping your hammock in place. It is effortless to set up so that you can get right to relaxing! It has five adjustable height options so you can choose your perfect position! Dad is going to love that!

  6. Air Fryer: Everyone I talk to who has on of these LOVE’S it. Health-conscious moms will appreciate this kitchen gadget that produces crispy, delicious foods without any oil. The Airfryer’s parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Just because you want to improve your eating habits doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your favorite foods!

  7. The Spa & Weekend Getaway: Well let us focus more here on the experience that you want your mum or dad to have by sending them to a spa or staycation. Let them experience not having to lift a hand to do anything, room service will the order of the day, with hot rocks and massages. If you can afford it you can give any of the above gifts in combination with this awesome gesture of love.

Key point here is to ensure that you give your parents the best time ever when you can. As I said before, you don't need money but you can spend quality time with them and serve them humbly and respectfully on their special days respectively. In household where there are older children you can set out the activities amongst yourselves and make your parents feel like King and Queen only if it is once a year. Trust memory will go with them forever and that is what we want our parents to remember that their heritage and blessing was giving birth to human beings that were kind, caring and loving.

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