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The Jireh Way

The word Jireh means Provider and my faith dictates that God, Jehovah Jireh provides everything that we have in our lives. He has given us life, intelligence and choice and with these gifts we should live our lives in honour and obedience to Him. The Jireh Way is not traditional, nor is it a universally accepted standard, but it is the way that works for me and anyone I encourage to use it. The Jireh Way is a perspective that looks towards others before looking to satisfy ourselves. It cares about the spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of every human being and interaction whether it be through work, play or school.

It is critical to understand that God has placed us on this earth to subdue it and also take care of it and each other. If we keep the focus that God cares for us and we should also do the same to others we can see the immediate positive impact in our daily lives. We will realize that the light of materiality, greed, envy and jealousy will burn very dimly, and the light of love, compassion, contentment and sharing will burn ever so brightly.

In essence what I am saying is that you will see the person before you see what they have or what they can do for you.

If we continue onward with the Jireh Way of providing for others, we will see the goodwill in our business and investments as well. This is not magical or mystical phenomenon but it is a law of the way of life and if we apply it to all aspects of our daily living we will see the many fruits of our labour.

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