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Pipe Flare Gaming 

What is Pipe Flare?

Pipe Flare started business in June 2020 and is a  network of businesses inclusive of News, Advertising and Gaming. However, the  gaming platform is very popular and it was was developed for gamers and anyone who wants to start earning cryptocurrency. The Pipe Flare platform is very easy to use and a major part of its aim is to target independent game developers to host their games on the Pipe Flare Website and App. The other part of their strategy is to build a global community which forms part their ecosystem of Earn, Play & Earn. This is one of the most interesting things about Pipe Flare, that although it is a gaming platform it is also a cryptocurrency faucet. So essentially anyone who signs up with the website can earn cryptocurrency without any financial cost to themselves. The Pipe Flare Network is one to watch as it continues to roll out its strategic plan

How Can I earn Passively from Pipe Flare

Anyone can earn very easily with Pipe Flare it is simply and matter of signing up on the website and logging in every 24hrs to earn Zcash, Matic and Pipe Flare's native token Flare {1FLR}.  The fact that Pipe Flare is free to everyone means that once you have an internet connection you can participate. This confirms to the ideology of cryptocurrency being accessible to everyone and improving the wealth of the masses. As mentioned earlier you can earn freely from Pipe Flare by using their daily crypto faucet, but that is not the only way you can improve you earning.

Staking Flare Token     

Another way to earn more is to take advantage of their staking feature for their native token, 1Flare. Currently, Flare is  listed on quickswap and coinbase exchanges. The fact that Pipe Flare has offered staking interest means that this token is heading towards larger and the top global exchanges. Staking is accessible by all members whether free or paid subscription, the only difference is the amount of interest earned. Free Members earn up to 5% and paid members earn up to 10%. Locked and unlocked staking are available options. Paid members can earn up to 27% APR plus other bonuses.

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Play Games and be Paid


Another way to earn cryptocurrency on Pipe Flare is by playing games. There are several games that allow you to earn up to 10Dai worth of Zcash per week if you are a paid member. If you are a free member the maximum you can earn is 1Dai of Zcash per week. This may not seem like a lot of money but earning is more optimised when you upgrade your subscription. In addition, if you purchase referrals from the referral shop you will certainly earn more than if you work at it alone. Referrals come in basic and premium categories with premium costing more than basic referrals but they also work better. If you are  a Hardcore Supporter you will earn 4x as much referral revenue. Please watch my brief video below of my overview of Pipe Flare


Another way to earn automatically is to participate in the monthly airdrop, there is no need to do anything but be a free member and you will receive monthly rewards of Zcash, Matic and FLR. However, if you do upgrade there are more available airdrops with increased payouts.

Best strategy to use at pipe flare

Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade

When you upgrade your faucet claims are automated, so no need to log in everyday to manually claim.

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Buy Referrals

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Buy, Sell & Trade Powerups and NFTs in the Pipe Flare Market Place


Power ups help you to earn more beyond your upgrade and they are also tradeable. A more recent addition has been the NFT market place which allows you to create, buy and sell NFTs at no upfront cost, however on a sale you will be charged a small fee.

How does pipe flare pay its members

The short answer is that Pipe Flare pays immediately. However. in order to qualify for instant withdrawal, you will need to be either a Pipe Flare Supporter (any level) or have 5 or more active referrals. Therefore, if you don't qualify for instant withdrawal then you will withdraw every week.  Zcash has no minimum withdrawal and therefore once you claim you can immediately withdraw it to your Zcash wallet. However, with Matic there is a 0.25 Matic minimum to be reached before withdrawal is allowed. Flare token may be kept on the website's wallet or you can store at Metamask or Trust Wallet. Please ensure that you have added your wallet address to the website before your withdraw.

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My Final Thoughts

Pipe Flare is not going to make you rich right now, but it is a good company and investment to grow with. I am reminded of how I bought into bitcoin in the early days and then listened to naysayers and sold off my 10 bitcoin  only to be sorry for several years later. The thoughts hurts less as the years go by but my point is here that the pay outs are small now but as people continue to adopt a product and service that has so much potential the value of the business will rise and also the flare token which I will encourage you to HODL. So don't sneer at Pipe Flare, but join, play the games in your spare time, receive your airdrops of Zcash and Matic and grow with this company. It will treat you very well in a few years just like how bitcoin has treated thousands of people.

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