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Ocean Eye Zoom 4K

What is the OCEAN EYE?

Ocean Eye 4K is the world’s first “deluxe lite” industrial-level 3D underwater drone, it is also a 2023 Reddot Award winner and a new addition to the family of YoucanRobot drones, which include BW Space Pro Max, BW Space Pro, BW Space Pro Zoom and Dive Master. Just like flying drones, this underwater drone performs a similar function and is able to do, practically, what flying drones do in the air. Underwater drones are unlocking a whole new world beneath the surface for sub sea exploration, underwater cinematography and fishing. There are a few underwater drones to choose from and it all depends on what you want to achieve. If you are looking for an all around drone that can be competitive against the competition then check out the Ocean Eye!


What you need to know before you buy your Ocean eye?

Light only penetrates the ocean to a visible quality to about 200m and the deepest human scuba dive on record is only 332.35 m (1,090 ft. 4.5 in).

Underwater drones have been used in subsea exploration and missions since the 1950s known as ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) or AUVs (automated underwater vehicles).

Below: Only the top 200m of the ocean is penetrated by sunlight.

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You don't need to be a rocket scientist to operate an Ocean Eye drone. Its onboard computer is intuitive and has built in auto features like depth stability to ensure that your fillming and viewing remains sharp and focus even though currents may be tugging. All of this capability along with thruster adjustment to keep you filming at your best. So don't worry the  Ocean Eye App will assist you greatly. 


In terms of physical parts your Ocean Eye comes with the following:

  • Mechanical Arm

  • Adapter box

  • WiFi Repeater

  • Tether 100m, 50m, 150m or 200m optional

  • Remote Controller Supporting iOS /Android

  • Charger

  • User Manual

Ocean View is built specifically for six (6) main underwater scenarios as outline below:

  • Search and Rescue

  •  Environmental Protection

  •  Aquiculture

  •  Pipeline inspection

  • Ship Hull Inspection

  •  Fishing

Features of the ocean eye 

  • Thrusters: 8pcs

  •  Diving Depth: 100m

  • Battery Life: 0.5-1 hours

  • Video Definition: 4K

  • Photo Resolution: 8 MP 

  • SD card: 64G

  • Omnidirectional rotation; Move sideways horizontally, flip on its top, stand vertically, roll over and adjust to a slanting position

  • Remote control by APP with Real-time Preview

  • Depth Maintenance Shooting

  • Precise Depth Hovering with Just One Click

  • Intelligent 5400lm Lighting

  • Visibility range for high beam: 10m 

  • Visibility range for low beam: 3m

  • Accurate Locking, Intelligently Retrieve underwater objects

  • 6x Zoom Camera for Better Closeups

In the face of corrosive seawater, the ROV’s eight propellers are fully sealed to ensure durability and have a life span of 2,000 hours. The gizmo is IP68 waterproof, meaning it is insulated against dust and withstands being submerged in water.

It sinks to a maximum depth of 100m under sea and is remotely controlled via mobile phone, tablet or remote control. The ROV pilot is able to access real-time graphic information sent through a cable on multiple devices.

As a ROV meant for industrial application, Oceaneye can be fitted with several tools, including an optional robotic arm, sample collector or camera, to become versatile in carrying out different operations.


How Can I purchase an ocean eye

The Ocean Eye 4K has some really high end specifications as it should, based on what it is designed to do. However, given these commercial grade specifications, people all over have been asking what is the price, with most assuming a significant outlay between US15,000 upward to US40,000 for this "lite" category. To know even more about this great product, before you purchase click  Ocean Eye 4K.


If you are in the marine business there are options to choose from which may be cheaper but if you want to be a market leader, don't break the bank and still be the best in the business then the Ocean Eye 4K is what you need in your arsenal of marine equipment.

The retail price for the latest generation Ocean Eye 4K is estimated at US$6,099.00 depending on added accessories. However, if purchased through you will receive an 11% discount. Just use the code OCEANEYE11 when you select which model you prefer on our Amazon storefront.



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My Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Ocean Eye 4K Drone is that it is a very exciting update on other YoucanRobot underwater ROVs. It is streamlined to allow for easier operation in the water. Its onboard computing is intuitive in terms of managing its operation in the water ensuring that the user can focus better on the primary objective of gathering the necessary information or evidence from the marine environment of concern. Additionally, the price point is very good for this category of underwater drone. Certainly YoucanRobot has packed a lot of innovation into this new generation. You can certainly buy it without much thought on whether it will perform at the highest level. 

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