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Enter the HOLO

What is the Holochain?

Holochain is an open source data integrity framework for powering distributed applications.

Data Integrity equates to when application data is created and validated using one shared set of rules that apply to everyone. We use cryptography (math) to ensure that data cannot be tampered with once it has been created, no matter where it is stored. 

The Framework is a database for storing, organizing, and finding data spread across many computers, so nobody has to hold it all.

Distributed Applications (dApps) is transforming the kinds of web apps controlled by a central corporation (like Wikipedia, Facebook, AirBnB, etc.), to a form people can easily host themselves.

Why Should I be part of the HoloChain?

Holochain empowers people and communities to reclaim control of their data, identity, and agreements from the surveillance web. You can build and run the same web apps we rely on (like social networks, communication, marketplaces, knowledge sharing) with enhanced privacy and security.  

Each Holochain app is a collaborative platform where users host themselves and provide a little extra computing power and storage, so that extra copies of data are always online and agreements are mutually validated and enforced.

Holochain empowers new patterns of peer-to-peer coordination at all scales. Any group of two or more people who want to use a set of agreements to orchestrate their communication, resources, time, ideas, or wealth together can do so. The only way to stop them is to shut down EVERY user individually and that could mean stopping the world.

Other approaches to running dApps (such as blockchain), attempt to synchronize a single universal state across all participating computers at the same time. This “consensus” does not scale, and is so inefficient to run, they build in a currency to pay people to run it. Holochain is millions of times more efficient — you won’t have to waste 0.5% of the planet’s electricity to achieve a mere handful of transactions per second.

How do I become a Host on the Holo Network?

Simpy purchase a Holoport and plug and play and earn Holo fuel which is the cryptocurrency of the Holochain! There is nothing much to it. There are three versions of the Holoport: Holoport Nano, Holoport and Holoport Plus. These machines come at different price points increasing in price as they increase in processing power. Point to note that if you chose the Holoport Nano you will still need to buy a powered external hard drive, however the Holoport Nano is the most energy efficient. I personally prefer the middle option of the Holoport at five hundred dollar mark. The Holoport Plus is definitely the creme de la creme if you have a thousand dollars you don't need right now. Currently, you will need to pre order so click on the link and preorder. Please note that I do not earn any commission from any clickable links here. I am just merely passing on some great information to help us earn passive income.

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