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Investing in the Helium Network

Helium in the first wireless peer to peer network. You may be thinking it sounds too techy for your tastes and you can't exactly see how money is to be made. However, this a winning stallion here, and yet again because of the advent of technology in the crypto space all of this is now possible, affordable and profitable.


Take a look at the below video to know a little more about how you can contribute to a global network that will enable countries, cities and towns to be efficient, effective and smart in everyday life.

How to invest in a Helium Hotspot

Investing in the helium network is very easy as in the video above you just need to purchase a hotspot device at a cost of around USD400.00 for the indoor model and around USD550.00 for the outdoor model, plug it into your power supply, connect your wifi, sync it to the blockchain and wallet on the helium app on your phone (download from Google play store or Apple Store), place it near a window and voila your will be earning Helium coin within 24hours. One key point to remember is that a singular hotspot may only earn  around 20.00 USD per month, however add another hotspot and that earning significantly changes. So when you purchase, buy two because if there is no other hotspot in your area, then your single hotspot can only send and receive to the internet, but it cannot participate in proof of coverage (POC), which is challenging and verifying other hotspots. This is where the bulk of your profit will occur. Ideally try to ensure that your hotspots are at lease 300 metres apart with minimal blockage for maximum earning.

How to retrieve my money from Helium

To retrieve you funds from your helium app wallet is very simple. However, you will need to ensure that you have a Binance Account so that you can send your helium funds to exchange for Bitcoin, Euro or whatever other currency you choose. I would like to say here that if you want to increase your wealth you can change some of the helium into another currency and use any of the investment facilities that Binance offers. I highly recommend using both the flexible and locked interest bearing offers. Please also watch the investing 101 video on this website before you go hardcore! Enjoy your Helium!

Restarts FROM JUNE 1st 2021
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