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Goku Market

Goku Market is a European Commission licensed and regulated centralised hybrid exchange that offers trading and investment services in Fiat and Cryptocurrencies. Additional services include,crypto trading/crypto purchase with card/cash-out with debit card/staking/autobots/e-commerce/freelancers/travel bookings/IEOs The company was launched November 20th, 2019 and is based in HongKong.

Goku Market also launched its propietary token named Goku Market Credit or GMC as it is regularly called by the Goku Market community. The token has utility features such as paying for discounted trading fees, or purchasing  everyday consumables like electronics and food at the Goku Market Place. Under the current market rates GMC is worth 0.11 USD, the coin's all time high was 0.60 USD in Q4 of 2021. 

Anyone can join Goku Market from anywhere in the world via the company's website to participate in the various services offered. Beyond the primary services of currency exchange, GM also provides instant trading with 67  fiat/crypto currency pairs. Popular currencies such as USD, EUR, BTC and ETH are available along with popular altcoins and metaverse coins. The company also offers intial exchange offering (IEO) and LaunchPad opportunties.

Goku Market is a relatively new company in the cryptospace with phenomenal growth in the last two years since it has been launched. Currently, the user base at GM is 970K, just shy of 1 Million users. The appeal of Goku Market is due to the variety of investment options available to both trader and non trader clients, additionally, confidence is added due to GM's European licensing and regulation of its operations. In order to have full user access to Goku Market a member must complete the reuired KYC  (Know Your Customer) verification. Verfication is completed online using your passport and camera of your laptop or mobile phone. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. Once that is completed you are free to use the full services of Goku Market. You will also receive a bonus of 5GMC for completing your KYC verification.

When using Goku Market clients may invest using VISA debit or credit card and this is a good feature for people who are now entering crypto for the first time or live in regions where cryptocurrencies are not readily available. The visa debit and credit facility is offered through Moon Pay and Mercuryo which are available in most parts of the world albeit they are not available to the Caribbean region. Using these third party providers you can buy BTC, ETH, USDT and 15 other cryptocurrencies. Goku Market will soon be offering its own Goku Market debit card which will be sponsored by VISA. The estimated cost of the card is 75 USD.




Goku Market's offers passive investment options which are very popular with the community. Available investments include AI tradingbot investments coupled with Defi returning 250% profits within a 10 months period subject to market conditions. There are 12 cryptocurrencies available for staking with minimum staking value of 100 USD with the exception of GMC where staking starts at 20USD.

Goku Market also offers Metaverse prelaunch  opportunities which are only available by invitation of an existing Goku Market Community Member. BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB and GMC form the currencies that may be used to invest across the different opportunities available. The Goku Market Metaverse has also launched its native coin called Goku Market Guild or GMG and you can currently obtain this 200% return on investment by investing as little as 50 USD. Below you can find an excerpt of their Metaverse investment description:

Based on the Metaverse 2-years subscription purchase amount, user’s will earn rewards for 24 months both monthly and daily. The rewards earned are calculated based on the past 30 days current market rate of GMC in Metaverse subscription and paid out at a rate of 1% per month converted into Bitcoin (BTC) and 6% per month paid daily and converted into GokuMarket Guild (GMG) and 1% per month in USDT from the GMC Vault. GMG is backed by GMC and primarily usable on NFTs and Metaverse integrations. Guild in essence represents integration with multiple metaverse partners with “play to earn” and will also trade on multiple exchanges.


Goku Market also has a wonderful affiliate program that allows members to earn up to 55% in commissions. As you perform different activities within the website, whether investing, staking or  completing your KYC you will unlock various earning levels called G Ranks.  As you move up the G Ranks you will receive different bonuses and perks such as airdrops and larger commissions.

Joining Goku Market is free and there is no obligation to register with the company. However, it is a great place to be in these early days of crypto. As much as the traditional currency economies do not like the decentralised form of money, it has an important role to play in the development of humanity. Cryptocurrency has not only made people rich, but it is also made them aware of what is possible, this type of information was only known by a few people. I hope you take the opportunity to join whether you just want to buy and HODL crypto or whether you want to invest.

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