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What is aVADO cLOUD?


The AVADO RYO (Run Your Own) Cloud is a revolutionary way to share your AVADO resources with others.

They pool together many AVADO devices and create new networks of decentralized nodes that provide valuable services to others.

Many of these pools are already live:

  •  The Tornado Cash relayer pool

  •  Ethereum RPC node pool

  •  IPFS gateway pool and several more...

  • Become part of a RYO cloud pool and get rewarded for participating through trustless Smart Contract based incentives.

Why Should I be part of  avado?

With AVADO anyone can easily run Web3 applications like staking, running blockchain nodes and personal finance.

You get access through its WiFi hotspot or VPN. The user-friendly UI allows you to use and manage the device from anywhere in the world.


It comes pre-installed with the AVADO OS, saving you a lot of time and research setting up a node.

Using an AVADO is convenient, secure and true to the spirit of decentralization.

Earn Crypto


Receive payments for running Specific DApps. 


Several DApps are available that can be monetized on your AVADO and they are constantly adding new packages to the DappStore. Right now you can earn more than 25 USD per month in Crypto.

Rent out your bandwidth, diskspace or CPU and start earning while supporting decentralization.

Proof of Stake


Run a validator at home and earn 100% rewards. Put your crypto at work and earn income using staking!
Instead of staking through an online pool - where up to 50% of your rewards will go to the pool operator - you should run your own validator at home, and earn 100% of the fees.


Use your AVADO to participate in the ETH2.0 PoS network by running a Validator on the MainNet!


They also support staking on Avalanche and will add future staking opportunities.

Run Your Own Node


Run a Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Avalanche or Kusama node on your AVADO. We support multiple clients for Ethereum, the Lightning network for Bitcoin or run testnets alongside your other nodes. Running your own node gives you maximum privacy and security while working with crypto. It's the easiest way to run full nodes. Period.

How do I become a part of the Avado Network?

Simply purchase an Avado Block Chain Computer to plug and play.  There is a little setting up to do but all of this is made easy by Avado OS. There are three versions of the Avado: AVADO i5AVADO i7 - 232 and AVADO i7 - 432

Avado machines come at different price points increasing in price as they increase in processing power and storage. Point to note that if you choose the Avado i5 you will be limited by disk space early on as it is only 1TB of SSD storage and 16GB of memory, respectively.  However, there is a 2.5" expansion slot on the Avado i5 to increase storage. I personally prefer the middle option of the Avado i7 - 232 at USD1,600.00. I know it is pricey but with this model it packs plenty power and allows for more revenue earning possibilities with huge memory at 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. I will certainly be running dapps, renting storage space via the Mysterium dapp, which is also available in the Avado dappstore.


The Avado i7 - 432 is definitely the sweetspot if you have  USD 2,300 dollars laying around. All Avado models are available and shipping is free worldwide, no preordering here! To purchase, just click on any of the Avado model links and pay with Paypal or the cryptocurrency DAI . Please note that I do earn a 5%  commission from AVADO model sales which goes to support Jireh Consulting

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